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Dave LeBlanc on Firefighter Netcast Live Tonight With his Brand New Show “The Front Seat”


Now, DAVE IS BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! Dave LeBlanc is setting out on his own and created his own show on Firefighter Netcast titled "The Front Seat" (previous working title was "Taking Up").The Front Seat will be airing tonight at 9pm EST. He will be on the air with John Mitchell and I. It has been a while since John and I have gummed it up on The Firefighter Netcast Show as we have been rolling out new shows about every month here at Firefighter Netcast.

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FDIC Recap Part II – The People You Surround Yourself With


I got to meet with several companies both during FDIC and since. Several of which I hope to be doing product reviews for very soon! If you are looking for having a product review for your product, check out more information here. I spoke with Major Mack of The Bowring today on the phone. They are sending me their product to review shortly. There's was one of the busier boothes at FDIC. I think the product looks like a potential tool that years from now will be a staple in "What's in Your Pockets" discussions!

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Editorial Cartoon: Old School Vs. New School, Engine Vs. Truck, or The New Age Firefighter


Is this the new guy going into battle with all that rookie school knowledge vs. the older and wiser guys? Is it simply the outside vent guys next to the do it all engine guys? Is it the dying breed of truckies next to the new age HAVE to do it all firefighter because of cutback? Does it show the more singular tasked firefighters of days long ago vs. today's vision of a firefighter by the beancounters? Quite possibly, it could be a vision of the Culture of Extinguishment vs. the Culture of Safety.

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Call For Submissions: Create a Social Media Policy this month on the First Due Blog Carnival


So here’s your chance. Write out a draft policy on social media/networking for members of your department. Chances are good that most of you don’t already have one in place. Be serious about it as your work might be a catalyst for change, and could help prevent your department from experiencing some of the problems we’ve read about – and will continue to read about. Check our you current disciplinary process to be sure your draft policy is fair and legal.

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First Due Blog Carnival Episode 2 in the Books


There were some new blogs in the mix and some non-bloggers who submitted their articles to be posted on blogs as well! It seems as though this thing is catching on. Episode 2 titled "Influential Fire Reports" struck a cord with a lot of people and really helped put a thumb on what has influenced many firefighters! I must say that the best part of episode 2 is the thought that a family member may come across it and see that their relative's death/injury resulted in a positive learning experience for someone else. It also proves that no one is forgotten...

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Call for Submission – 2nd Episode of the First Due Blog Carnival

The subject of this second edition is “Influential Fire Reports”. What fire report, or reports, have had the greatest impact on you personally and professionally as a firefighter? This report can be of firefighter fatalities, close calls, near-misses and even fire or structural behavior. The report can be a federal, state, department or independent investigation, no matter so long as it is one that made a significant impact in the way you now think and operate as a firefighter or fire officer.

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