Call for Submission – 2nd Episode of the First Due Blog Carnival

Bill Carey over at the Backstep Firefighter Blog is hosting the 2nd Episode of the First Due Blog Carnival. The theme is “Influential Fire Reports”.

The subject of this second edition is “Influential Fire Reports”. What fire report, or reports, have had the greatest impact on you personally and professionally as a firefighter? This report can be of firefighter fatalities, close calls, near-misses and even fire or structural behavior. The report can be a federal, state, department or independent investigation, no matter so long as it is one that made a significant impact in the way you now think and operate as a firefighter or fire officer.

first due blog carnival1aRead more about the episode at Backstep Firefighter and get your submission in by April 29, 2010!

Read more about the First Due Blog Carnival here.

Also to be noted is the Show Schedule for Firefighter Netcast at FDIC. Be sure to check out for our show schedule, our featured guests, and other information!

Also plan on attending the Blogger meetup on Friday night at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery! Fire Daily has the rundown on all the information. Be sure to let us know you will be there!