FDIC Wrapup Part III – The People We Met

Wrapup part I is here, Part II is here, and Willie wrote a bit on FDIC here

Willie and I stuck out like sore thumbs…We rocked Alt Kilt custom kilts, our helmets with custom Box Alarm Leather helmet fronts, and MN8 shirts. It was a marketing idea we thought up and it worked!

Many knew who we were, the others were trying to figure us out. Willie and I were overwhelmed (to put it mildly) at the FOOLS Bash by how many of you guys found us (wasn’t that hard was it). That made it very easy to meet so many people and put faces with the names!

First of all an apology…

Kris Mola of the Remembrance Rescue Project

We met so many people, many who we knew from the blogs or Facebook, or Twitter but had never met. We apologize we didn’t have more time to catch up. We hope you guys understand that there was just so much going on at the show and the events we attended that it was not our intention to leave any of you hanging.

Be sure to check out the photos below. Also check out Facebook for more and tag yourself if you are in them.

Fire Critic Facebook Page

Second of all, thanks to Zach Green of MN8 FoxFire for having us in their booth. It is always a pleasure! We had a blast hanging out with your entire crew!

Contact us if you would like us in your booth at other events! We can bring a crowd and create a buzz!

Some of the people we met or ran into again are included in the photos below. I apologize if I left you out or forgot your name. Others include: Average Jake Firefighters Robbie Owens, Danny Owens, and Ed Owens, Jeff Harkey of Daily911Deals.com, John Shafer, Michael Smith, Jason Jefferies, Jonah Smith, April Saling, Russell Stine, Tony Mack of The Bowring, Nick Langerock and Gary Lembcke at Spartan ERV, Chris Wilson  of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, The crew of Black Helmet, Bill Carey, Stefan Svensson, The crew at Fire Rescue Magazine, Mike Ward, Greg Guise, Mike Brooks, Clayton Kovats, Chad Watson of TRA-FX, Sterling Wright, Doug Pierson, The guys of DetroitFireFilm.org, Jay Martinez of the Spartan Shield light,  Mickey Milam of HelpTheGoodGuys.com, Chris Huston of Everyone Goes Home, Matthew Smith of Kovenex Fabrics, Rory Blanchard and the rest of the crew at Remembrance Rescue Project, Chris Moren of “The Pig”, Timothy McCloskey and Joe Brown of Firehouse Pride, Tim Landingham of PacMule, The crew of Glove Crafters  and many more!