Call For Submissions: Create a Social Media Policy this month on the First Due Blog Carnival

Episode 6 of the First Due Blog Carnival is being hosted by Backstep Firefighter.

This month he is asking us to write a social media policy for the fire service.

First Due Blog Carnival on Backstep Firefighter

So here’s your chance. Write out a draft policy on social media/networking for members of your department. Chances are good that most of you don’t already have one in place. Be serious about it as your work might be a catalyst for change, and could help prevent your department from experiencing some of the problems we’ve read about – and will continue to read about. Check our you current disciplinary process to be sure your draft policy is fair and legal.

Post your draft or on Backstep Firefighter by Sunday, 28 November.
The 6th edition compilation will be posted on Monday, 29 November.

Who knows? You just might be doing something your department could seriously consider.
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