Editorial Cartoon: Old School Vs. New School, Engine Vs. Truck, or The New Age Firefighter

Excessive Leather Accessories for Firefighters on Facebook

What does this editorial cartoon by Bill Carey (Backstep Firefighter) say to you?

I think it can be taken many different ways.

Is this the new guy going into battle with all that rookie school knowledge vs. the older and wiser guys?

Is it  simply the outside vent guys next to the do it all engine guys?

Is it the dying breed of truckies next to the new age HAVE to do it all firefighter because of cutback?

Does it show the more singular tasked firefighters of days long ago vs. today’s vision of a firefighter by the beancounters?

Quite possibly, it could be a vision of the Culture of Extinguishment vs. the Culture of Safety.

Then again it could be the “Excessive Leather Accessories for Firefighters” wearing guys!

What does it speak to you?