Dave LeBlanc on Firefighter Netcast Live Tonight With his Brand New Show “The Front Seat”

Dave LeBlanc is about to set out on his own after being a guest on several Firefighter Netcast shows including Art “Chief Reason” Goodrich’s show “The Voice of Reason”. You can find those shows and all of the archives over at Firefighter Netcast (http://firefighternetcast.com).

Now, DAVE IS BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! Dave LeBlanc is setting out on his own and created his own show on Firefighter Netcast titled “The Front Seat” (previous working title was “Taking Up”).The Front Seat will be airing tonight at 9pm EST. He will be on the air with John Mitchell and I. It has been a while since John and I have gummed it up on The Firefighter Netcast Show as we have been rolling out new shows about every month here at Firefighter Netcast.

Listen in to The Front Seat tonight live at 9pm EST

Feel free to call in and talk with Dave, John, or I tonight live!

PLUS…tonight you get to hear me talk!

The Firefighter Netcast Family is proud to have Dave join the ranks of our dedicated and loyal hosts.

We are sure the the ever expanding listener base will welcome Dave’s show and find it to be a very useful tool for learning!

Just look at that stache! I bet that gets all the babes! What do you think Parapup? Giving Willie a run for his money?

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