JP Custom Leatherworks Helmet Shield – Product Snapshot

I got my hands on a JP Custom Leatherworks helmet shield several months ago. It was around the time I got promoted to 1st. Lt. and assigned as company officer (Acting Captain) at 3C prior to moving to the training division. Once I repainted my TL-2, I secured the JP shield to my newly painted red helmet. What a beauty! This quality custom shield is built solid!

I can’t say that the shield got a bunch of work. I wore it about 3 months and then got sent to the training division where it sits in the back seat just waiting for a fire or something…anything!!!

This shield is quality built and appears to be ready to hold up for years to come. JP uses two 8/9 oz. pieces of leather on their fronts. Mine has recessed areas which are stamped and hand painted. I couldn’t be more pleased with the design and quality of this helmet front!

The time from ordering the shield to delivery was very quick. I think it took about 2 months to get to my door. Which if you know anything about custom leatherwork, 2 months is pretty darn quick because most shops are backed up on orders.

Along with helmet shields, JP Custom Leatherworks makes radio straps, glove straps, and many other items!

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More about JP Custom Leatherworks:

We came up with the idea of JP Custom Leatherworks back in 2015 when we saw a demand for quality leather products that were reasonably priced. After doing some research we found that there weren’t many companies that offered a quality product with the options and flexibility in design that many first responders look for when shopping for new gear. In September 2016, we took the leap and ordered all the equipment, tools and materials needed to get the company started. We spent a couple months learning everything we could about leatherworking and different techniques thru reading articles, forums, watching videos and ton of practice. In November 2016, we created and launched our first on-line store. Since then we have been growing faster than we had ever expected. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for JP Custom Leatherworks.

Now for a little bit about me. My name is Joe Petito and I am a volunteer Firefighter in Manchester Township, New Jersey. I also own JP Customs, a forklift repair/facility maintenance company. I am A father to 4 amazing kids. We all work together to get orders filled, packed and shipped. Follow our Instagram and Facebook for giveaways, new products, photos of recently shipped orders and videos of us in action. Thank you again for taking your time to learn about who we are and thank you for your support!