First Due Blog Carnival Episode 2 in the Books

Bill over at Backstep Firefighter just published the 2nd episode of the First Due Blog Carnival. He did a superb job with his topic as well as capturing the essence of each article in episode 2…did I just use the word essence?sorry about that!

There were some new blogs in the mix and some non-bloggers who submitted their articles to be posted on blogs as well! It seems as though this thing is catching on. Episode 2 titled “Influential Fire Reports” struck a cord with a lot of people and really helped put a thumb on what has influenced many firefighters! I must say that the best part of episode 2 is the thought that a family member may come across it and see that their relative’s death/injury resulted in a positive learning experience for someone else. It also proves that no one is forgotten…

You can read episode 2 here

Episode 3 is being hosted by Fire Daily. He is quick on the draw with getting the information out quickly! Especially after doing a ton of editing to finish up Firefighter Netcast’s audio from FDIC! Great job John! Get your submission in by May 26th to be included!

You can view the “call for submissions” for episode 3 titled “Share the Wealth”. This is a great opprotunity for more blogs to get involved in the First Due Blog Carnival…cough cough…Traditions Training…Vent Enter Search…Irons and Ladders… That is right, the topic is inclusive of just about every Fire and EMS blog out there! There is no reason why all you narcissistic bloggers don’t hop on board to get more readership and share your stories with everyone!

first due blog carnival1a125John has also offered anyone who doesn’t have their own blog and would like to contribute to post their article on his site! See, us bloggers are very friendly!

I look forward to seeing more and more bloggers getting involved in the First Due Blog Carnival!

Read episode 2 here
Read the call for submission for episode 3 here

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