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Video: Beaching the Lawn at Apartment Fire in Bristol Township, PA

bristol township 1

Bristol Township Police were on scene reporting smoke showing from an apartment. Third District Battalion 14 requested any apparatus who are not responding to be replaced due to the police report. Battalion 14 arrived on scene reporting a three story garden style apartment building with smoke showing. Levittown #2 Deputy 13 took interior and confirmed a working bedroom fire.

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Video: Buffalo Firefighters Go Defensive on House Fire

buffalo fire

Engine 3 on scene 2.5 story vacant dwelling - fire on 1st & 2nd floors. B-43 reports multiple small fires throughout structure and crews making interior attacks. Rescue1 reports fire fully involved in attic - Ladder 2 reports fire through vent hole in roof. B-56 orders everyone out for Defensive Ops with Emergency Head Count.

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The Higher Standard?

higher standards

We are told to wear PPE when fighting fire, but we have proof that we don't always We are told to eat healthy, but we have proof that we don't always We are told to risk a little to save a little, but we have proof that we risk a lot to save a little sometimes

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Register Now for NCSFRI. I Will Be Presenting on Fire Service Blogging!


I will be presenting at the North Carolina Society of Fire Rescue Instructors conference coming up May 27-30th. Come out and join me, learn, and catch the rest of the conference! The pre-conference is the 27th, I speak on the 28th. If you can't make it and are in the area, stay tuned for a possible get-together on Thursday the 28th where we can all get together for a couple of drinks and tell lies stories!

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The Unseen Voice

Life Force Air Medical - Erlanger Healthcare System. Chattanooga, TN. photo by Josh VanDusen

The typical stereotype for dispatchers (also known as Communications Officers) is that they move on and are not supposed to grieve, they are mostly unseen, unheard and their feelings and emotions are not considered. Who will check on them from the outside?

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Indy on Fire – FDIC Wrap-Up Part III (200 photos)


On Friday night during FDIC, we throw the biggest and best party during FDIC at The Crane Bay behind Lucas Oil Stadium. This event wouldn't be possible without the support of our sponsors: Spartan, TECGEN PPE, Fire Cam Police and Fire Cameras, Black Diamond Protective Equipment, Viking Life-Saving Equipment, Titan by Hainsworth and 1st Arriving Network.

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