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Helmet Cam: Lone Firefighter Operates at House Fire Until Help Arrives

trumann fire

Upon arrival the neighbor, in the video, told me that he believed the children were still inside, although there were no vehicles home. We are a small department and I was alone for quite some time and this is the reason for my search/extinguish approach. Once my partner arrived we did a thorough search and exited the structure per Incident Command. No residents were present. Trumann Fire Department

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Can I Still Get Salty?

This was my crew after a fire in one of our coal facilities. From left to right: FF Rob Engelhardt, Lt. Joe Sheets, FF George Wright, and myself FF Erik Jacobson. United States Steel. Gary, Indiana. Sent in by Erik Jacobson

For all of you topical leaders...I have a few questions. Can I still get Salty on fires? Can we still have pride in making a good push on a fire? Can we still risk A Lot to Save A LOT? Can we still be firefighters? Make sure the delivery of your message offers the chance for firefighters to buy in and not to simply be put off by your "All or Nothing" attitude.

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