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We are Throwing an All Night Party at SAFRE in Raleigh…Be there!

Meet our smoker....we will call her Shirley!

Maybe you haven't heard how Willie Wines Jr. is the 5-time high school corn-hole champion...and he didn't pass the 10th grade... AND maybe you haven't heard how Anthony Bourdain stopped by my house without a reservation... AND maybe you haven't heard how WE created Carolina Barbecue by accident while playing shuffleboard on an aircraft carrier in the middle of a hurricane while getting a pedicure and drinking raw eggs.

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Video: Burning Car Rolls Off During Car Fire Demonstration

car fire demo

This is a perfect example of something that should never happen again. If we learn from this fire departments failed demonstration it doesn't need to happen again. Some ideas: chock the wheels, flatten the tires, perform the demonstration on level ground. There is no need to bash the department, simply learn from their mistake.

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Don’t Read This…Share it with your Firefighter Wife or Girlfriend

My wife doing her thing and learning to be a firefighter...kinda.

We got to meet dozens of great couples. Firefighters and their exceptional wives from across the Country (although I don't think there are any boundries for joining the community)...from Florida to California, New Mexico to Minnesota. We got to hang out with great people and learn about them, get to know them, and get lost in Chicago with them. I met great firefighters and got to learn about their departments. There might have even been a few bromances created.

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