Element Armor’s “The Game Changer” Vehicle Wax

Scott Tenney, a career firefighter/paramedic has come up with a series of car care products named Element Armor. A couple of months ago he sent me some of “The Game Changer” which is a spray on/spray off vehicle wax. I used it almost immediately on my jeep and have been happy with the quality and protection it gave my jeep since. When I give the jeep a wash, I can still tell it has wax on it because the water beads up.

You can check out FireTruckWax.com or click this Amazon link to purchase. If you go through Amazon, use the code FIRECRITIC for 50% off.

In order to use the product, per the description, all I had to do was wash and rinse my vehicle. Once rinsed, you spray on The Game Changer, rinse again and dry. You are done.

I admit, I used more than I needed to. I have now read – **DO NOT OVER-APPLY. Over-application could cause streaking.
Average amount required per application: Cars:2-3oz, Trucks/SUVs:4-5oz.

However, I didn’t have any streaking appear on my vehicle.

The Game changer is offered in a 16 oz spray bottle or a gallon. Both are available on their website or Amazon.

Simply put, this stuff is pretty amazing! I recommend you give it a try!

View some of their videos on Youtube here

Check out Element Armor on Facebook here

Click here and use the code FIRECRITIC for 50% off!

About The Game Changer

This product will forever change the way you wax your vehicle! Hands down, there is no easier or faster way to protect your vehicle. Simply mist the product on a wet surface, then rinse with water to activate the instant bonding process of this revolutionary synthetic wax. Watch as it immediately cures to the surface… producing a ton of beautiful water beads. No wiping or buffing required! Each application protects for at least 3 months… if it’s still beading, it’s still protecting.

WAX YOUR VEHICLE WITH NO WIPING! Mr. Miyagi would be devastated.

1.Thoroughly wash the vehicle
2.While the vehicle is still wet, mist the product on the surface in a “sweeping” motion (Each spray covers more area than most think. A little goes a long way)
3.Immediately rinse the entire vehicle with a strong stream of water
4.Dry the vehicle

Works great on paint, plastic, chrome, glass, etc.
*DO NOT USE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT/HOT SURFACE OR EXCESSIVE WIND. Be sure the surface is cool to the touch. Do not allow product to dry on vehicle, or streaking will occur.
**DO NOT OVER-APPLY. Over-application could cause streaking.
Average amount required per applicaton: Cars:2-3oz, Trucks/SUVs:4-5oz

Product Number 705911639249
Size 16 ounces
Top Sprayer
Form Liquid
Machine Application No
UV Protection Yes
Synthetic Wax Yes
Safe on Chrome Yes
Safe on Paint Yes
Safe on Vinyl Yes
Safe on Glass Yes
Safe on Plastic Yes

About Element Armor

Element Armor™ was designed to be a superior product line for car enthusiasts who expect superior results.

Why Element Armor?
Element Armor is not only made with the highest quality materials, but many of our products are hybrid. You no longer have to buy a bottle of wax AND a bottle of sealant. Or a bottle of compound AND a bottle of polish. We’ve combined materials to give you the same results in one product; saving you time and money. Others are about quantity, we’re about quality.

Technology within the detail industry has evolved significantly. We now have synthetic products that far out-perform traditional washes/waxes in both appearance and protection… This ain’t your Grandpappy’s wax!