Product Snapshot: The Mask Guard

The guys over at The Mask Guard sent me one to check out a couple of months ago. I received it and put it on my mask. The mask has two purposes, to protect the mask and to use as a black-out mask for training to simulate dark environments. Currently, they are exclusively for Scott masks.

Fast-forward to several weeks ago and we are toned out for a house fire. I am a driver, so I am not always masking up. On this fire, we were the 3rd due engine. Once we arrived, I have to get my gear on and catch up to my crew. I did just that and as I masked up everything went black. I removed my mask guard once I laughed off the fact that I had forgotten all about it. The problem for me is that the mask guard is black and it wasn’t easily identifiable. However, once I got back to the firehouse I put a sticker on it so I wouldn’t forget about it in the future. Others have painted logos on their mask guards and they actually offer customization if you would like.

The product is simple and to the point. I think I will keep using mine until we get the new MSA packs in a couple months!

Check out The Mask Guard:


The Mask Guard is a brand new way to protect your Scott® AV-3000® SCBA mask. Its very strong plastic and easy to use clips make it the best way to store and protect your mask. –