Team up with The Fire Critic, IronFiremen, and MN8 FoxFire to Support the Rescue 2 MAYDAY Fund

Willie and I will be meeting up with Zach Green of MN8 FoxFire in New York City next week. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, even though it meant fitting in another trip in an already hectic schedule. I am behind…way behind. I am looking forward to the trip, but now I am REALLY looking forward to the trip.

Willie and Zach’s minds never quit thinking about what do to next. Willie bounces ideas off me like a crackhead trying to score his next fix. Some are just completely absurd. Like the time he wanted to land in the middle of Lucas Oil Stadium at FDIC in a hot air balloon. He was deflated and dejected when I told him that the stadium had a roof on it. Or the time he wanted to drive to Hawaii…Oh, and I cannot forget the one about dressing up in drag and parading…never mind, that was my idea.

Rescue 2 FDNY Web Site

I digress

Willie and Zach hit the ball out of the park with this last idea. It fits perfect into our schedule, supports the brotherhood, spreads a message, and the ones who help out can get something tangible out of it as well. Willie writes about this effort here. Zach writes about it here.

Rewind to December 19, 2011 at a fire in Brooklyn that left Firefighters James Gersbeck and Robert Weidmann seriously injured. The men are members of FDNY’s Company Rescue 2. Gersbeck and Weidmann were searching the top floor of a Brownstone when the entire floor flashed and trapped both members inside.

Firefighter Gersbeck was removed through the interior after somehow making  it (diving into) the stairwell. Firefighter Weidmann made an unbelievable push through the flames making his way out a front window and onto an awaiting aerial ladder.

Captain Willie Wines Jr. sits at the table and talks shop with the firefighters of FDNY Rescue 2

Willie and I have teamed up with MN8 FoxFire for a fund raising effort for the Rescue 2 MAYDAY Fund

For the next week, today (Monday January 23, 2012) through next Monday (January 30, 2012) Zach will donate 50% of all online sales of MN8 FoxFire products to the Rescue 2 MAYDAY fund!

50% of all ONLINE sales will go to the Rescue 2 MAYDAY Fund! 

The offer is good for ANY MN8 FoxFire Products … Tetrahedrons, Helmet Bands, Equipment Bands, Tool Wrap or the Epoxy Kits! Or you can simply donate funds that 100% go to the fund.

The MN8 FoxFire team worked through the weekend to have everything set up on their site for this to happen.

This is what giving back is all about. I am not sure of any other company willing to pledge such a sizable chunk of profit for a cause such as this. However, if there is let me know and I will share it right here on my site.

Willie, Zach, and I will present the check to Rescue 2’s Captain Flaherty next week in Brooklyn.

Learn MORE, view the MN8 FoxFire Product line, make your PURCHASE or DONATE by clicking HERE 

Here is the full press release:

Joint Fundraiser to Benefit F.D.N.Y. Rescue 2 Injured Firefighters Established by MN8-Foxfire, and

Cincinnati, OH, January 23, 2012— MN8-Foxfire, the developer of breakthrough illuminating products for firefighters, Lt. Rhett Fleitz of the Fire Critic blog ( and Captain Willie Wines Jr. of the Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen blog ( have teamed up to establish a joint fundraiser to support two injured firefighters with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) Rescue 2. The fundraiser begins on Monday, January 23 and ends at midnight on Monday, January 30. During this time, MN8-Foxfire will donate 50 percent of all product sales through the company website to the FDNY Rescue 2 Mayday Fund. Opportunities for individuals to make donations without a product purchase will also be available through the MN8-Foxfire website at

On Monday, December 19, 2011, two firefighters from Rescue 2 suffered severe burns during a brownstone structure fire and were in critical condition upon hospital admittance. Both men face long recoveries. One is still hospitalized in critical condition and the other is now recovering at home under the care of a burn center outpatient program.

“We were devastated to hear about the fire involving the Brooklyn firefighters as we have a special connection with Rescue 2,” said Zachary Green, president of MN8-Foxfire. “I’d met and spent some time Captain Liam Flaherty (from Rescue 2) in San Diego last year. Then last fall, Willie, Rhett and I visited Rescue 2 and they welcomed us like we were part of their team.”

“We had great discussions over coffee with Captain Flaherty and his men at their kitchen table and even watched a hockey game with them while we were there,” said Wines.

Fleitz, Wines and Green will travel to New York to personally present a check towards the FDNY Rescue 2 Mayday Fund during the first week of February. “There is such a sense of brotherhood among firefighters,” said Fleitz. “And when one of our brothers is in need, the firefighting community pulls together. We want to do all we can to help these men and their families.”

All Foxfire illuminating products are eligible for the 50 percent Rescue 2 Mayday fundraiser, including illuminating helmet bands, coating kits, grip wrap, tetrahedrons, equipment bands and t-shirts.

About MN8-Foxfire

MN8-Foxfire is a firefighter owned company offering energy efficient and eco-friendly products utilizing breakthrough advanced illumination technology. MN8’s product offerings for the fire safety industry, marketed under the name Foxfire®, have earned a reputation for safety, high quality and performance-proven. This is readily apparent in Foxfire’s photoluminescent helmet bands, coating kits, grip wrap, equipment bands, helmet tetrahedrons and other products. Both the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and Cincinnati Innovates have recognized MN8-Foxfire for its efforts in developing technology that keeps firefighters safe. The company is headquartered in Wyoming, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb. For more information, visit