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Our latest trip to NYC…We had a blast.

Here are just some of the highlights of the trip. We could have fun at an Occupy event...oh wait, we have done that as well. The plans for the year keep filling up. We have scheduled visits, or ones in the works, in North Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, and South Dakota already. We also plan on being at FDIC, FRI, and Firehouse Expo...Harrisburg maybe as well. Speaking of travel, I will be in Nashville on the weekend of Feb. 17th if anyone wants to meet up!

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Raw Video: FDNY Rescue 2 Firefighter Rescued from Brownstone in Crown Heights on Fire. 4 Others Injured

Below is the amazing video of an FDNY Firefighter from Rescue 2 bailing out of a window onto an aerial ladder. The firefighter is in flames as he gets out of the building and another firefighter helps put out the flames. Check out STATter911.com for more details on this fire. In total, 5 firefighters were injured in this fire with some experiencing severe burns.

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