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Video: Firefighter Tells Bystander He Can’t Record Car Fire on Video. Can He Do That? What do you Think?

Video by cashews224. The video states “This was taken on February 13th, 2013, in Gloucester Virginia at the Ark Shell Station. The owner said the car was smelling funny so she pulled over and started smoking. I would have filmed the rest but the argument continued with the firefighter. He was saying that if I wasn’t a police officer, firefighter or owner of the vehicle, it was illegal for me to film the incident; which is false. Any person can film any event legally without consent by anyone.”

As a firefighter, do you waste your time getting bystanders to turn off their cameras?

Do you think it is illegal for bystanders to record events?

If you do think it is illegal, do you think Firefighters have the authority to stop it?

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Michael Warnick

    It is perfectly legal for the general public to videotape ANYONE in public view. I can stand on my street and videotape you in your yard or your house if your curtains are open (NO, I would not actually do that….I am just using that as an example). Their is a LOT of CASE LAW supporting this. If you don’t believe me, google “Photographer’s bill of rights” and you will see a flyer put out by a highly regarded lawyer.

    Firefighters, POlice officers, and the general public have NO legal right to demand someone stop videorecording or to confiscate and/or delete someones recording or still photographs. You, and your department, can be sued!

  • jeff

    its just some power hungry fire fiefighter, leting his postion go to his head.

  • RJ(in florida)

    having been there and done that i would have told him that i will not turn off the camera, PERIOD

    everyone else s right, if it in the public eye, it can be taped…or we can just sue the fire departmet for violation of his rights

  • bystander

    there are two sides to every story, why dont you ask the guy that was trying to record why he kept trying to get in the way..