3 Helmet Camera Videos From the Past Week

Below are three helmet camera videos from the past week. Check them out.

The first one is from Sharon, PA. Video by Mike Unrue. He states “Sharon Pennsylvania Fire Dept. Capt. Mike Unrue’s helmet cam captures an apartment fire from a first person perspective. This allows you to see and then not see what we actually deal with when fighting a structure fire. This is a two story row house style apartment building containing six different apartments side by side. The helmet cam eventually fogs up due to the cold temperatures that day that were approximatly 18 degrees F. I hope to correct this in future videos. That aside this video captures axactly what we see in a fire which isn’t much. We rely mostly on hearing to find the seat of the fire. We can hear the water turn to steam when we hit a hot spot and continue working room to room until we have the fire out. In a couple areas you will see only an orange glow and then some fire as i advance towards it. As i hit the fire with water the room goes instantly black again. The date and time on the cam are wrong but you can use the time as a reference as to how long it took to get the fire out from the time the water was first applied. Hope you find the video enlightening. Thank you for viewing.”

More information on the fire can be seen at BackstepFirefighter.com.

This video is from JW0LFY of a house fire in St. Paul, Minnesota.

STATter911.com has more on the fire here.

The last one features roof ops in this video by 1986sosik. The video states “Dickson city ladder 23 responded to area 27(Throop pa) for a working fire. This is helmet cam video of the ladder co performing vertical ventilation.”

STATter911.com has more on the fire here as well.