MN8-Foxfire Introduces Illuminating Helmet Bars

This is especially for you West Coasters, firefighters who wear L.A. style helmets, and those who wear the “salad bowl” style helmets that are issued by their department.

However, these new products will have some great alternative uses as well!

If you order via the online store before next Friday, you get an 8-pack for the 6-pack price.

MN8-Foxfire, the developer of breakthrough advanced photoluminescent products, has introduced new illuminating helmet bars for use on helmets, flashlights, hoses and other items that get used in the dark.

Foxfire illuminating helmet bars combine advanced photoluminescent technology with reflective micro prismatic technology. The bars are constructed with high temperature resistant fire retardant cloth and an industrial grade adhesive to ensure strong surface bonding.
MN8-Foxfire’s unique photoluminescent coatings and products provide illumination and stay visible in complete darkness for many hours. Foxfire products can be charged in just a few minutes from any light source and be recharged indefinitely. As a result, there is no need for any external battery, electrical, or energy source other than light. The illumination from Foxfire products provides safety to firefighters who work in the dark, and to others who find themselves unexpectedly in the dark when the power goes out.
“Firefighters who wear modern helmets have been requesting that we offer illuminating helmet bars,” says Zachary Green, firefighter and president of MN8-Foxfire. (The company also offers illuminating helmet tetrahedrons.) “With their rectangular shape, Foxfire illuminating helmet bars have endless uses. Not only can they be applied to various types of helmets and hard hats, but they can also be used on flashlights, hoses, radio straps, water cans and lots of other items. We can’t wait to hear about the different ways people will be using them.”

Foxfire illuminating helmet bars offer both reflectivity and photoluminescent properties. Sold in sets of six ($19.95), Foxfire illuminating helmet bars measure 1 inch x 3 inch and are available from the MN8-Foxfire webstore at, through MN8-Foxfire’s distributor network or the company’s “Boots on the Street” independent sales representative network.

Fire Critic Featured Boots on the Street Rep is Andrew Isaacs – Contact him to order today!

About MN8-Foxfire:

MN8-Foxfire is a firefighter owned company offering energy efficient and eco-friendly products utilizing breakthrough advanced illumination technology. MN8’s product offerings for the fire safety industry, marketed under the name Foxfire®, have earned a reputation for safety, high quality and performance-proven. This is readily apparent in Foxfire’s photoluminescent helmet bands, coating kits, grip wrap, equipment bands, helmet tetrahedrons, T-shirts and other products. Both the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and Cincinnati Innovates have recognized MN8-Foxfire for its efforts in developing technology that keeps firefighters safe. The company is headquartered in Wyoming, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb. For more information, visit