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Epic Rap Battle: Police VS. Firefighter (warning:language)

epic rap battle

I just happened to watch one of these guys videos the other day. Pretty funny stuff about the military. Now, they come out with this pretty raunchy and funny rap battle between police and fire. I am sure some of you might get butthurt over this one...but much of it has some truth to it. Maybe we should work on that perception!

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Watch: Firefighter Down CPR 10-Step Training Video

fd cpr

When the unthinkable happens, and a firefighter collapses on an emergency scene, we need to be prepared to provide the highest level of care possible. We know that good neurological outcomes can be had in out of hospital cardiac arrest provided high quality chest compressions are initiated early. Unfortunately, the resuscitation of a downed firefighter presents a special concern: they're in full turn out gear with an SCBA!

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Video: 4 Homes Burn in Phillipsburg, NJ on Halloween Night


As kids were out on the town trick or treating a fire broke out in a home in the 100 Blk of Mercer St, first arriving crews had heavy fire in the middle of a row home with fire quickly extending. As crews chased the flames 4 homes suffered extensive smoke and fire damage with flames shooting through the roof at one point. Two people were taken to the hospital with reported non fire related asthma attacks, and crews continued to battle the fire well into the night...

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Video: Buffalo 2 Alarm Fire in an Old Funeral Home

buffalo 2nd alarm fire

B-43 on scene with a working fire in an old Funeral Home. Engine 21 reports heavy fire 1st floor ext to attic. Adjoined 2.5 story buildings well involved Fire through roof and spreading. Crews set up for Defensive Ops. Wall collapse on #2 side. B-56 requests extra 2 & 1, then wants Balance of 2nd Alarm. City Excavator sent to help dismantle building for overhaul. 4 -2½" & 3 - Blitz fire nozzles, 3 Towers airborne & flowing, Monitor from E21

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Interior or Exterior? What Would You Do?

training moment

This is a training opportunity. Do this on your own, or drag your crew into it. Take a minute and watch the video. Then decide, based on what is seen in the video, whether you would go interior or stay outside on this one. This is in no way pointing fingers at the tactics used...this is being used for conversation, not ridicule. We simply cannot know all of the details of this incident from the view of one camera, I doubt many (if any) of you all were there.

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