Back to Back Commercial Fires in Stockton, CA (2 Videos)

Stockton, CA Firefighters had back to back commercial fires on June 18th. The first video is above and the second below.

They uploaded the videos today. Follow StocktonFireHistory on Youtube.

On June 18th, 2017, Stockton Firefighters responded to back to back working commercial structure fires. These fires occurred during a week long, triple digit heat wave. Stockton Firefighters worked quickly to contain the first blaze with minimal damages to a charitable organization. The second fire was out of control upon arrival, and a complete loss after extinguishment.

Fire Crews committed to an exterior hose stream while gaining entry to the building. The structure is known by firefighters to have an unusual floor plan and potential for heavy fire load. The Gospel Mission was currently closed, making forcible entry a consideration on delaying interior fire attack. An associate on scene opened a rear roll-up door, which Firefighters gained access and made the remaining fire attack. Truck Firefighters performed vertical ventilation, while the fire was being extinguished. Firefighters remained on scene to perform salvage and overhaul. The quick knock-down of the fire and aggressive tactics saved much of this charitable organization’s donations, administrative filings, cold storage, and more.

Firefighters were still on scene (working in hundred degree heat) when a second, working commercial structure fire occurred several blocks away. Many fire crews cleared to head to the second structure fire.

These videos are intended to provide information to the public so that they may better understand what firefighters do. This is not intended to serve as an ‘opinion battle ground’ for strategy and tactics. Comments that troll, sharp-shoot, or otherwise are meant to incite controversy will be deleted. We are proud to serve the citizens and City of Stockton, California.

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