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Best of the Rest – Physicals, Politics, Floating Miami Firehouse, and Much More!

Best of the Rest is a column sharing personal interest articles I have come across related to the fire service. It has been a while since I put one of these out, but I'm bringing it back for good hopefully. 13888825782_171494db20_zINDY on Fire We are gearing up for INDY on Fire during FDIC this year. INDY on Fire is the huge party thrown by FireCritic.com, IronFiremen.com, and ModelCityFirefighter.com. Right now, we have a FB event page set up. There will be more information shared soon. The date is April 22nd and we hope to see you there! Post MAYDAY…Firefighter says training saved his life. The words no Firefighter wants to hear, "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY" was transmitted last week at a house fire in Roanoke County (Va). "MAYDAY" is the term Firefighters use when their life or safety is in jeopardy and they are unable to remove themselves from the situation. continue reading Another attempt to name school after fallen Virginia firefighter is underway For at least a second time there is a campaign underway to name a school in Prince William County, Virginia after Kyle Wilson. Kyle Wilson was 24 when he became the first firefighter killed in the line of duty in the 41-year history of the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue. continue reading Fire Chasers: Helping or Hurting? Marilyn Crowder says it happened in a flash. “It was poof, it was everywhere,” she said, while describing the day her home went up in flames. Crowder says she left her stove unattended. Moments later, a jar of cooking grease fell on the stove, causing the fire. After Crowder called 911, Philadelphia fire crews rushed to her home. They weren’t the only ones to arrive: a group of people commonly known as fire chasers also showed up. continue reading Daddy Don’t Go As I lie here with my five year old daughter nestled in my arms… My mind is a chaotic mess of life’s obligations and commitments…. I gaze upon our precious daughter and pray that God would keep her safe from harm… I rise up to leave and she cries out: “Daddy don’t go.” I calm her fears and lay quietly by her side praying even more… continue reading Martin: Firefighters worth more than a photo op This question seems foolish to most, however the recent actions of the Virginia House and Senate members makes no sense to firefighters. These politicians are the first to seek our endorsement and support when they are running for their political position. They want to have photos made with us and then use them during their campaign to show how much they support our profession and for putting our lives in harm's way. Many of them touting we are the Commonwealth's first line of defense. continue reading Custodial Duties If improving your company or department is your goal improve yourself first. Set that new standard. Be that new standard. Then start the grind, the long days, weeks, months, years of maintaining that standard until it catches on or until it is proven effective or valuable. Remember it has to be, by default, above and beyond the minimum required by your department yet somehow still within the rules. You must achieve the standards your department wants or anything you are trying to do will be lost. If you cannot do the job you are trying to change you will be considered inept or incompetent and rightfully so. continue reading Fire union blasts chief for prototype fire truck buys As Augusta Fire Chief Chris James heads out the door to a new job, members of the local firefighters union issued a letter Friday criticizing him for a contract he negotiated to buy several fire trucks they claim require constant maintenance. continue reading Engine Co. Apparel How firefighters beat politicians at their own game: Cohn Ontario’s most powerful lobby group isn’t the mighty Beer Store. Nor the big donors from the construction industry. No, the unrivalled success story in sweet-talking our provincial politicians focuses on Ontario’s firefighters — a group with far less money than its richer rivals in the influence sweepstakes. continue reading Rebel Lounge in Phoenix closed after Three Bad Jacks concert fire A popular Phoenix bar known for live music was forced to close and cancel shows because of a fire started by a band that was on stage Saturday night. continue reading Bill would provide workers’ comp to firefighters with certain cancers A key House committee passed legislation Wednesday that would provide workers’ compensation to some firefighters with certain cancers. House Bill 216 would grant workers’ compensation benefits to firefighters who have been diagnosed with fire service-related cancers. Firefighters applying for the benefit would have to demonstrate exposure to a known carcinogen as a result of their occupation. continue reading bestofrest27 reasons for annual firefighter physical tests I have heard a lot of discussion about annual physical assessment tests — whether they are a good idea, if they are necessary, how relevant they are, how well accepted they are and whether the world will end if a department implements one. Not to ruin the punch line, but the answer to the last question has been "no" for every department I have worked with that has adopted one for their incumbent personnel. continue reading Detroit Firefighter, 3 Others Injured In Apartment Fire Possibly Sparked By Cigarette Authorities say a firefighter was injured battling a blaze at an apartment complex in northwest Detroit that might have been cause by a burning cigarette. The fire took off early Thursday morning at the two-story Crescent House apartment complex along Telegraph Road just north of 7 Mile Road. continue reading 4 Things Family Members of Firefighters Can't Possibly Understand You may have married a firefighter, raised a firefighter, or lived with a firefighter. You, of course, feel like you know him or her pretty damn well. That may be true, but I'm here to tell you that there are a few things that you can't possibly understand. continue reading

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