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The Fire Service Warrior – Monday Morning Shoutout


The Fire Service Warrior offers this unique "mission statement" that has been dubbed the Ethos of a Fire Service Warrior. Ethos? Yeah, I had to look it up although I kinda figured what he meant by it. Ethos: English word based on a Greek word and denotes the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, a nation or an ideology.

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Video Review: Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer with Host Randolph Mantooth


What if there was something on the fireground killing firefighters that you cannot see, you cannot feel, you cannot smell, and you cannot hear. What if I told that that it could increase your chances of a heart attack and/or stroke even up to 72 hours AFTER you leave the fireground AND your exposure to it happens after MOST of the danger on the fireground is over.What if I told you that it can kill you immediately.

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Statter and Wines in Cahoots! The Fire Critic has Cracked the Case


I have to admit, it has been an enjoyable ride. To think that these guys have so much fun just because I am 5'7" tall. Hell, I have never had a problem with my height. They also enjoy the fact that I look young for my age. Again, something that has never really bothered me. So what If I get a reminder of how young I look every time I purchase alcohol.

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Thanksgiving Day Contest Winner – Kingsport, TN Station 6


The winner of the Thanksgiving Day Giveaway is Kingsport, TN Station 6. Their submission is below.I will be honest, I had the guys at the station pick a number without knowing what the number was for. Kingsport is the winner.They have won a complete set of Emergency Services Monopoly including the Firefighter, EMS, and Law Enforcement versions.

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Top Ten Best Christmas Gifts For Firefighters List For 2010


Last year, I offered my top ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters (last years list is here). The article has remained very popular even this year. Just in Time for Black Friday!This year, I am redoing the list for 2010. There are many new gifts out there and I want to make sure that the firefighters are getting what they deserve...The Best Christmas Gifts for Firefighters!This top ten list could be easily used year round. Be it birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever these gifts are bound to make you popular with the firefighter you gift them to.I challenge you to come up with a better list!

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Close Call: Chenoa Fire Engine Flips Over on Way to Call. One Firefighter Injured

...Chenoa firefighter Don Nagel, 47, was taken to OSF Saint James Hospital in Pontiac, after a Chenoa fire engine crashed on the way to the scene around 4:55 a.m., Illinois State Police said.The engine was negotiating a "left sharp curve in a wet two-laned roadway" when its 1,000 gallons of water shifted abruptly, police said in a statement. The engine overturned on its left side and ended up in a ditch.

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Call For Submissions: Create a Social Media Policy this month on the First Due Blog Carnival


So here’s your chance. Write out a draft policy on social media/networking for members of your department. Chances are good that most of you don’t already have one in place. Be serious about it as your work might be a catalyst for change, and could help prevent your department from experiencing some of the problems we’ve read about – and will continue to read about. Check our you current disciplinary process to be sure your draft policy is fair and legal.

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Should Sex Offenders Be Firefighters? What about Pardoned ones?

I am currently working on a story and one of the intriguing details is that a current firefighter WAS a convicted sex offender. The person was pardoned and is not a registered sex offender. The offense was bad (they all are). The offense happened 30 years ago prior to the current laws that protect us from these criminals. Should he be allowed to be a firefighter?

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