Video Review: Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer with Host Randolph Mantooth

The Silent Killer – visit the web site for more information and to request a free DVD.

Firefighters have enough to worry about on the fireground. Things like fire behavior, reading smoke, wearing PPE, building construction, and many more. Over the years, firefighters have developed training, education, protocols, safety ideology, and risk management in a job that is as dangerous as it gets. So many things in our job on the fireground we can recognize using our senses like smells, sights, feeling, and hearing…

We rely on these senses to recognize and understand our environment, and keep us as safe as possible while operating in deadly conditions.

What if there was something on the fireground killing firefighters that you cannot see, you cannot feel, you cannot smell, and you cannot hear. What if I told that that it could increase your chances of a heart attack and/or stroke even up to 72 hours AFTER you leave the fireground AND your exposure to it happens after MOST of the danger on the fireground is over.

What if I told you that it can kill you immediately.

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

I am talking about Carbon Monoxide…The Silent Killer.

Carbon Monoxide is the Number 1 cause of poisoning deaths in the world. Firefighters have an increased risk operating around Carbon Monoxide and Cyanide on the fireground.

Consistent exposure to Carbon Monoxide (CO) can cause serious disabilities, heart attacks, strokes, Neurological disorders, and premature death.

The leading cause of death for firefighters is heart attacks and strokes. Carbon Monoxide exposure increases those risks.

Randolph Mantooth hosts a short video teaching the effects of exposure to Carbon Monoxide. The video is also available as a DVD free of charge.

The video is not over the top and they don’t try to shove the lesson down your throat. The message is simple. Know your environment and wear your SCBA through the overhaul stages of fire. What you can’t see and can’t smell can kill you… Carbon Monoxide…The Silent Killer.

I also love seeing my IAFF logo in the video showing that they are doing their part to educate us on The Silent Killer.

“Firefighters take necessary risks every day, but CO is an unnecessary risk. Educate yourself on CO, wear your mask during overhaul, avoid exposure, and get yourself tested… so you’ll be around to share with your family, life’s most precious moments.”

Randolph Mantooth
Johnny Gage from Emergency!

Watch the video below, watch it with your entire crew. Email it and share it.

Chiefs…send it out to your entire department. Because what firefighters don’t know could kill them. As the soundtrack says in the video…Move Us Further Down The Line….Move Us Further Down The Line….

Visit for more information on Carbon Monoxide, to request a free DVD, and learn more about The Silent Killer.

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