A Dose of Motivation for New and Veteran Firefighters

Getting it on video…That is the difference between making a great speech to 10 people and making it to thousands. Brian Brush recently talked to a recruit class about what the fire service should mean to them, what it means to him, and why we should take pride in serving.

Brian Brush has just recently delved into more social media usage and is posting articles over on the Fire Engineering Community.

Brian Brush as he participates in the 9/11 Stair Climb during FDIC...in full turnout gear and SCBA.

His post “On Firefighter Training: Being Your Best Is Their Best Chance” was followed up with “A message to the recruits, myself or maybe even you?”.

The mission will not stop for hurt feelings. The most common injury in the fire service is hurt feelings. Too often it isn’t even the act of hurting feelings but the fear that something could hurt feelings that delays a program, decision or action. You must temper yourself and your reactions to critique and criticism if you expect others to respond objectively in the name of progress. (Brian Brush)

Solid performance and writing!

Some of our best is not practiced, planned, or given a second chance…Brian delivered a great speech!

Brian has also been instrumental in the creation and spread of the 9/11 stair climb events for the NFFF.

More on the 9/11 stair climb event and how you can participate and get involved here.