First Due Blog Carnival

Call For Submissions: Create a Social Media Policy this month on the First Due Blog Carnival


So here’s your chance. Write out a draft policy on social media/networking for members of your department. Chances are good that most of you don’t already have one in place. Be serious about it as your work might be a catalyst for change, and could help prevent your department from experiencing some of the problems we’ve read about – and will continue to read about. Check our you current disciplinary process to be sure your draft policy is fair and legal.

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The Fire Critic for USFA’s Top Position

The impact of the certification standards would be huge in relation to paid and volunteer departments alike. The long term effects of this proposition could prove fruitful especially for those who like to use the word "professional" a lot! This also plays a role in line item 4 of USFA's current strategic plan " # Improve the fire and emergency services’ professional status."

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Sharing the Wealth…Passing the Torch


One thing that someone recently told me was that the fire service is so different that many other professions. He was speaking to the fact that when we come up with a new idea, new ideals, new ideology, new technology, or new ways of doing things we share it with ALL firefighters. In so many other professions, that information is held close to the heart yet over the heads and out of reach of their peers.

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First Due Blog Carnival Episode 2 in the Books


There were some new blogs in the mix and some non-bloggers who submitted their articles to be posted on blogs as well! It seems as though this thing is catching on. Episode 2 titled "Influential Fire Reports" struck a cord with a lot of people and really helped put a thumb on what has influenced many firefighters! I must say that the best part of episode 2 is the thought that a family member may come across it and see that their relative's death/injury resulted in a positive learning experience for someone else. It also proves that no one is forgotten...

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