The Fire Critic for USFA’s Top Position

The top spot in the pecking order for the National Fire Service is vacant. Kevin Cochran left the post of USFA’s top administrator to take his old job back as Atlanta’s Chief. Now that the search is on for a new Chief, Bill Carey over at Backstep Firefighter is hosting the June Episode of the First Due Blog Carnival and asks us to pitch ourselves for the job!

Therefore I am going to do just that!

Probably the best thing I might bring to the table is the fact that I am one of the “Boots on the Ground”. That is also one of the worst things about me being the Top Chief though. I don’t (and have never) held a Senior Staff Position in any department.

I have a decent idea what we need, how we do business, and the ins and outs of firefighting and fire based EMS.

Lets all be honest….I have no business in this position at all! That is why I am perfect for it. Look around…how many people are in positions they should be?

My agenda would include:

  1. More funding, education, and utilization of the SAFER grant program.
  2. Mini/Maxi standards for firefighter certification and adoption of a mandatory certification process by FD’s. (moan and groan).
  3. Expand and continue to work on the current strategic plan:
    # Reduce risk at the local level through prevention and mitigation.
    # Improve local planning and preparedness.
    # Improve the fire and emergency services’ capability for response to and recovery from all hazards.
    # Improve the fire and emergency services’ professional status.
    # Lead the Nation’s fire and emergency services by establishing and sustaining USFA as a dynamic organization.

The impact of the certification standards would be huge in relation to paid and volunteer departments alike. The long term effects of this proposition could prove fruitful especially for those who like to use the word “professional” a lot! This also plays a role in line item 4 of USFA’s current strategic plan “ # Improve the fire and emergency services’ professional status.”

You may think that the Fire Critic has set the bar to low with his proposal for the Top Chief spot, I think that we might have to take baby steps first though. You never know, I might want my old position back soon enough!