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Update: Boston FD Lt. Walsh and FF Kennedy Killed in 9 Alarm Brownstone Fire

Updated: Fallen Firefighters Identified

Lt. Edward J. Walsh Jr., 43, 9.5 years on the job. Married with 2 boys and a girl (all under 10). Lived in West Roxbury and the son of a Watertown Firefighter.

Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy, 33, 6.5 years on the job. USMC veteran. Assigned to Ladder 15. Lived in Hyde Park.

Source: Boston Fire on Twitter – @BostonFire

Firefighter Michael Kennedy and Lt. Ed Walsh (Photos from Facebook/City of Boston)

Firefighter Michael Kennedy (left) and Lt. Ed Walsh (right) -Photos from Facebook/City of Boston

Firefighter Michael Kennedy and Lt. Ed Walsh (Photos from Facebook/City of Boston)

Update: Two Firefighters Reported Killed in Fire

A 9-alarm fire on Beacon Street has claimed the lives of two firefighters.

The multi-alarm fire broke out around 2:30 p.m. at 298 Beacon Street. Several mayday calls were made.

Updated with a series of 4 videos from the fireground at 9 Alarm Boston fire

New video below shows changing smoke conditions at the Boston fire

Live feed from Boston Fire Department

Boston Fire Department on Twitter

More coverage from

Boston firefighters are on the scene of a 4 story Brownstone burning in the Back Bay neighborhood. The fire has reached 9 alarms. Firefighters transmitted maydays earlier, and 5 firefighters have been injured in the fire. is reporting that one of the injured firefighters was in cardiac arrest and being treated by EMS when he was transported from the scene after being trapped in the basement.

Boston firefighters are currently battling a nine alarm fire in the city’s Back Bay neighborhood.

Boston Fire officials say that they were called out to 298 Beacon Street around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday.

When they arrived, they found fire throughout a four-story brownstone building.

The department notes that the fire appears to have started in the basement. By about 3:40 p.m., they say that the fire has gone through the roof.

pictures from Boston Fire

pictures from Boston Fire

Firefighters are battling a huge, nine-alarm fire in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

The building on fire is a four-story brownstone, according to the Boston Fire Department. The fire reportedly started in the basement.

At least five firefighters have been injured in a nine-alarm fire in the 200 block of Beacon Street in the Back Bay.

Firefighters responded at 2:43 p.m. to the building, a 4-story brick brownstone, where a fire extended upward from the basement.

Nick Martin, a Boston EMS spokesman, said two firefighters had been transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, while three others were being evaluated at the scene. It wasn’t clear whether other firefighters might also be injured.

Boston EMS reported two firefighters have been rescued in addition but that one jake remains unaccounted for. The fire started in the basement shortly before 3 p.m. and moved up the building, Boston Fire reports.

Firefighters were being ordered out of the building due to the intense conditions. The multi-family dwelling at 298 Beacon St. overlooks Storrow Drive and the Charles River.

Photo from Boston Fire Department

Photo from Boston Fire Department




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    Extremely Frustating situation. Listening to the audio… was feeling a desperate need to suit up and help 33 in the Basement….RIP Brothers….God Bless you all.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Praying for our brothers in Boston

  • Greg Mitchell

    Hard to listen to. RIP crew of 33 and may God be with your families.

  • thecachepack


  • Allison Marie Chalifoux-Garcia

    God rest your souls. May God comfort those who have lost their loved ones, those who were injured, and those who fought the blaze. Their efforts were not in vain.

  • Allison Marie Chalifoux-Garcia


  • Heather Helt Koch

    My prayers are with #33 as they have the undergone tremendous loss of two of their brothers. Praying for their families as well. May. A hedge of protection surround all who were involved in rescue and recovery efforts, as they continue to serve the public with heavy hearts. May many prayers be said to uplift Boston.

  • Chris Favia

    I’m a retired FF, I wonder if putting the recording of the radio transmission so quick is a good idea? To listen to Lt. Walsh on the radio and think about his family. I know wouldn’t want my family to hear me calling for help, and then have it out on the internet. Just a thought.

    • Wendy

      I agree. As the daughter of a retired Captain I, for one, would NOT want to have something like that up so quickly!

      • joe

        I agree. I don’t have much experience, but it was hard to hear hear, incredibly heart breaking for hear him to call out so quick and not get any back up. I feel like everyone did what they could, but it was just tasteless to put it out there…

    • tori

      I agree. As a FF wife, I would be very angry if my husband’s last plea was broadcasted. I haven’t listened to it and won’t. It’s insensitive and inappropriate.

  • Freddy Talavera

    Yes painful to listen to and heart wrenching. RIP Brothers God’s Speed from CFD

  • Gilbert Quinones


  • PepperellCynic MAEMTB

    Gutted over this loss here in Boston. RIP.

  • Chris

    Praying for them. Very sad day :( From what i’ve been able to gather just from seeing on the internet, this building was old, it could have ballon frame features, void spaces from basement to roof, im not sure but i think its likely just looking at it…I think more cities need to regulate void spaces within the walls in shared residentials such as this that travel from basement to roof. It isnt too much to ask the building owners to put in fire stop putty material in the walls where a corridor travels to the roof. damnit….

  • Drlous Place

    Our Hearts go out to the brave soldiers who fight this battle every day; We are so sorry for the loss of your brothers. As a former FF, we never forget what we saw, how we felt as we did our jobs, but at the time, there’s an energy that cannot be explained, maybe a sense of duty, but a definitely a sense of purpose. God Bless all of those in uniform who give of themselves every day…from all of us at Dr Lou’s…

  • Alberta_EMT

    Thoughts and prays going out from Edmonton AB

  • Mark Dewdney

    My God. I just met Lt. Walsh. 33 and 15 crews were very friendly to an out-of-town “tourist”, even sending their probie to grab me a shirt and patches.
    My thoughts go out to Ed’s wife and three young children. God, please help them.

  • anonymous

    Rest easy brothers. Prayers for the family, the two brothers, and the house they come from. Always a crushing feeling to hear this.

  • Alan

    Deepest condolences from Seabrook Fire Dept. Seabrook TX.

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  • Henry Bowman

    I pray that our Heavenly Father will assuage their families grief and leave them only the cherished memories of their loved and lost… Firefighter Kennedy was a brother Marine. This is a sad day for Boston and the Corps.

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  • Linnea Carmona


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  • ukfbbuff

    I too tend to agree that waiting a week or two would be the proper thing to do.

    The investigation has begun and those of us who want to know what went wrong can easily wait till things calm down a bit. In time what went wrong will be revealed through a lot of hard investigative work.

    The NIOSH report won’t be completed for several months and I’m certain a more in depth (ala the Charleston, S.C. Super Sofa Store Fire) Investigation won’t be published for many more months.

    Now is the time to be supportive of the fallen members family and friends,

    Again my condolences to all involved in the Boston FD

  • Scott

    Okay, so why is the firefighter Tweeting pics of the fire during the fire. The other thing is why the hell is EMS Tweeting about a firefighter going into cardiac arrest, That is bull crap to be putting out there. To hear that on the news is dumb and a total lack of respect. Do your damn job and stay off the internet till the job is done. It is nice to see pictures of what our brothers and sisters are doing out there but not during the job, but leave medical stuff off the internet.

  • Fellow Union Brother

    my heart goes out to the firefighters and their families, also to all the first responders to this deadly fire. also I would like to say rest in peace Dick Besty I will always love you
    I am NOT a firefighter but I have questions.
    why did it take so long to charge engine 33 and other engines lines.
    I watched one video in which one firefighter was trying to pull hoes off an engine. is it only one firefighter to man an engine during an active fire.

    • Fellow Union Brother

      I apologize,
      my patience has clouded my judgement I would like everyone not to respond to my post. I equally agree with another POST will be time for these type of inquiries.
      let us all focus on trying to heal manage this is unbelievable horrific incident.

  • Dawn Roszhart

    Yes, Im curious as an new EMT wasn’t them tweeting about the fireman’s condition against HIPPAA and all protocol? And human decency?

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  • Racin The-Clock

    Whether we like it or not, there are lessons to be learned from this that may very well save another life some day.

    We can sit & criticize all we want, but it will never change the outcome of this extremely saddening incident, nor will it bring back the Brothers that were lost.

    I feel terribly for the families of these Brothers that were lost on this horrific day, and for the Brothers and Sisters of the Boston Fire Department.

    Whether the release of the audio and video of this fatal fire was right or wrong, I would rather have a respected member of the Fire Service release it, than to have some Know Nothing Shmuck that would not give it the respect that it deserves.

    Rest Easy Brothers.

    You Are Not Forgotten.