Raw Videos: Fires in Detroit This past week including Devil’s Night 2012

The videos below are from fires from the past week in Detroit including Devil’s Night 2012 in Detroit. I am sure that there will be more videos to be uploaded today and I will update if needed.

From Wikipedia: Devil’s Night, or Hell Night, is a name associated with October 30, the night before Halloween. It is related to the “Mischief night” practiced in other parts of the United States and the world, but is chiefly associated with the serious vandalism and arson seen in Detroit, Michigan from the 1970s to the 1990s,[1] finally prompting the “Angel’s Night” community response.

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Box Alarm at Campbell & I-75 with Chief 7, Engine 27, 33, 29, Truck 8, Squad 2

Box Alarm at McNichles Road East & Moenart Street

Box Alarm at Morang and Lang for a two story vacant apartment building.

Box Alarm at Carter & Dexter for three single family dwellings with Squad 4, Engine 17, 42, Truck 21, Squad 5, Chief 5.

Box Alarm for Single Family Dwelling Burns at McGraw and Wabash

Detroit firefighters from Engine 40 battle a vehicle fire with an exposure problem and magnesium explosion on Davison 10/28/12

Fire on Lumpkin in Hamtramck on Oct. 28, 2012. The fire began in an abandoned and previously burned home

Fire at Syracuse and East 7 Mile

Detroit Firefighters tell the compelling story of Devil’s Night in the 1980’s. One described it as the Superbowl of Firefighting. This video is part of the DFDLegacy Project.
http://www.DFDLegacy.com/ Preserving history, tradition and culture of the Detroit Fire Department. DFDLegacy.com , telling our stories in our voices.

Box Alarm for multiple dwellings on fire at Luce St. & Sparling St.

Detroit Warehouse Fire