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Video: Detroit 2nd Alarm Fire W/ Evacuation Tones

Working fire in a vacant 2 story 4 family flat that extended to 5 story vacant apartment, While crews were working inside the 4-family, the intensity of the fire grew quickly and the order was given by the Battalion Chief to get all crews out of the building and air horns were sounded. Some firefighters became lost and temporarily trapped trying to locate the exit. At least 1 firefighter ran out of air and suffered smoke inhalation.

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FireCritic.com Contributing Site “Youtube” Makes it Big on Huff Post AND STATter911.com with Helmet Camera Footage from Highland Park, MI

One of our biggest contributors to The Fire Critic, Youtube, made it big on the Huffington Post AND STATter911.com. I can't believe how we have been able to propel Youtube to its current status...and we certainly appreciate everything that Youtube has sent us in the past. Next thing you know I will be inventing a hose stretcher!

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