Monroe, NJ Engine Company 5 Custom Kitchen Table

Custom Kitchen Table – Station 23 Engine Co. 5 Monroe, NJ
Check out this custom kitchen table built by the firefighters at Engine Company 5 in Monroe Township, NJ. Firefighter Rob Meyer sent this in. Great looking table guys! Something to be very proud of! Keep up the great work, enjoy the comradarie, and hope that more hot meals are eaten on that table than cold ones!
If you have a custom kitchen table or other custom piece you want to show off, send it in to me!
About the Table:
Size:4ft x 10ft

Construction Materials:
3/4″ Natural Oak Planks w/ 3/4 ply 4×10 Underlay
All Oak Banding/Clamshell
3″ Hose w/Couplings Wrapped Over PVC Filled With Cement
Custom Vinyl Decals
Custom Brass Plaques
Bar Top Epoxy
Fire Hydrant
Rope Light Kit

Engine Co. 5 in Monroe Twp (Middlesex) is a 24/7 Career Station that staffs 4 personnel around the clock. (1Lt, 3F/F’s)Station 23-A is responsible primarily as an Engine, but also houses a Medium Duty Rescue as well as a Brush Unit w/Special Ops trailer.

Paid for and constructed by the members of Engine Co. 5, this 4×10 table is oak throughout. Front and center is the Engine Co. patch. Surrounding that are custom brass plaques with the names of each member broken down by shift at the time of purchase and construction. The legs are fashioned as hose lengths with male and female couplings on either end. The center support, obviously, is a hydrant stripped and repainted. For a finishing touch a light kit was added between the banding and the clam shell, as well as underneath the hydrant. The legs unscrew from the table in the event it needs to be moved. This table weighs a TON even without the legs.

This project spurred the idea to create a “mini-me” coffee table (sans plaques) for the upstairs lounge which is currently still under construction. The Lounge itself is under small renovation and customization, as well as an Assignment Board being planned as a near future project.