Ride Out Comic – Fire & Rescue Comic Strip – Monday Morning Shoutout

Hey, look everyone…a brand new Monday Morning Shoutout! It has been a while, huh?

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to Ride Out Comic. Ride Out Comic was created by Fire Medic Art.

Ride Out Comic is fairly new. So far, so good I think. It should be interesting to see if one of the Fire Magazines picks up the comic strip to run on their mag, or if one of the mainstream fire web sites picks them up.

Great job on the comic strip, keep up the great work.

Hell, if he is paying attention, maybe he’ll make a funny as hell comic about the lovefest between Dave Statter and Willie Wines Jr. Although I have to say that there is an interesting lovefest brewing between Mike Legeros and Dave Statter so Willie better watch out…

Read more about the crew at Noonie Creek Fire Rescue here. This crew is the usual cast of Ride Out Comics.

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The cast of Ride Out Medic: Geno the driver, Jonny the probie, and Case the Lieutenant. I don't know about you but I think Noonie Creek needs some badge bunnies!

About Ride Out Comic:

Ride Out is a deeper look into the life of firefighters. Whether around the fire station or at home with the family 24/7 they’re always firefighters.

Many of the situations you will see weekly will attempt to depict the humorous side of firefighter life that many people do not get to see. I offer no guarantees that everyone out there will laugh hysterically at all of the humorous situations for a few reasons: 1) you probably had to be there. 2) not everyone understands the rules and protocols a firefighter has to follow on a daily bases. Sometimes you might see a few editorial strips from the everyday happenings around us. Many times these strips wont have the original Ride Out characters  due to the storyline or message trying to be delivered.

On the flip side there will be a few situations that might tug at your heart strings. These situations will be meant to show the serious side of a firefighter and his dedication to not just a job but a way of life. A life lived everyday, 24/7.

So jump on-board, put on your seat belt, and enjoy the Ride Out.

About the artist:

Darrell is a Firefighter Paramedic in North Texas. When he is not fighting fires or tending to the sick, he has armed himself in just the last 3 years with a self-taught passion for drawing with graphite pencils. He combines his passion of art with his love of firefighting and sports to create art intended to

  • provoke thoughts of a period in time
  • an unforgettable moment
  • as an inspiration for the future.

All this is done with continuing to go against the norm and staying with traditional mediums that seem to be fading in this new generation of computers and technology. Many of his drawings take approx. 20 to 40 hours to draw with attention given to detail.

He is married to his best friend for over 23 years and as he always says “We are still newlyweds!” If that is not enough Darrell and his wife, own a family business. They manufacture Salsa, Sauces, and Hot Sauces. Darrell has 2 kids in college and one in high school. All 3 still hang around to assist in the family business that was founded in 2005 known as Big Dawg Salsa.