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Custom Firehouse Kitchen Table – Fairfield Township, Ohio

Jason Agoston sent this table in from Engine 212 and Medic 212 "House on the Hill" in Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio. They claim this might be the heaviest table in any firehouse. Jason and two other firefighters built the table themselves. It measures 8'x4', with a 2'x4' frame, sheet of plywood covered by oak flooring. The base is two Darling hydrants. They then coated it with the same stuff they put on basketball courts.

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Monroe, NJ Engine Company 5 Custom Kitchen Table

Check out this custom kitchen table built by the firefighters at Engine Company 5 in Monroe Township, NJ. Firefighter Rob Meyer sent this in. Great looking table guys! Something to be very proud of! Keep up the great work, enjoy the comradarie, and hope that more hot meals are eaten on that table than cold ones!

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Turning a Fire Station into a Firehouse

This day in age, new fire stations seem more like the inside of a school or jail than a firehouse from back in the day...Wood trim, wood floors, two-story, cozy and warm firehouses have been replaced with concrete or tile floors, cinder-block walls, single story, institutionalized fire stations. My crew has found a way to make our fire station more like a firehouse...through our own hard work and dedication.

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