Close Call: Pendleton Firefighter is Engulfed in Flames After Venting the Attic

Watch this video as a firefighter is engulfed in flames (:35 second mark) as he opens up an opening on side A of the house. Fire quickly blows out of the opening and as the firefighter is able to back away and grab a hoseline to begin attacking the fire.

Would you say this is backdraft? Smoke Explosion? Flashover? I am no expert, but I am sure one of you might be able to correctly identify the event.

There is no word on firefighter injuries and the firefighter continue working right after the incident. Just think what the consequences might have been if he wasn’t wearing the proper PPE.

E.J. Harris Staff photo by E.J. Harris A Pendleton firefighter prepares to attack a fire as the flames burst through the roof of the residence at 22 S.E. 9th Drive on Wednesday evening in Pendleton.

Angry orange flames ripped through a 100-year-old house at 22 S.E. 9th Drive on a brutally cold Wednesday evening, gutting the attic and leaving Travis Walker and Tyler Hall homeless.

The roommates rented the house from Bill Fenton, who said he has owned it for the past 19 years.

The fire started after the pair built a fire in their wood stove and left to go to D & B Supply. When they got back at a little past 5:30 p.m., smoke was filling their living room and the fire alarm was going off. (Read More)