Raw Video: Captain Wines 1st in at House Fire. Interior Operations…and a rekindle?

I have to give it to Captain Wines (IronFiremen.com). Not only was he first in to a house fire where he should have been 2nd due, but someone got the knockdown on film.

Check out Captain Wines side of the story here

Recently, many videos I have featured have shown exterior operations. I don’t know about you, but I hate setting up the battle from the street with deck guns. Luckily for me and Captain Wines, we rarely attack fire from the street. Our department is comprised of some great firefighters, the culture is that of aggressive firefighting, and to top it all off we have a pretty decent safety record (knock on wood).

Aftermath of the fire

So what else would you expect from Roanoke’s Bravest than aggressive interior firefighting?

I am mostly posting this because Wines was in on the fire and the fact that we don’t get much video of our fires. There aren’t any buffs in the area like in the Northeast. We take what we can get and every once in a while a neighbor films a short video like the one below.

In the video you will see Engine 13 and Ladder 7 operating at a house fire in #5’s first due. Engine 5, Ladder 5, and Medic 5 were OOS due to EMS CE. Engine 9 no longer exists (closed when they merged 5 & 9). So Engine 13, Engine 2, and Ladder 7 filled the box. Captain Wines and FF Todd Harris on Engine 13 made pretty decent work of putting the fire out. You can watch that part in the video.

Now the funny part! What fun would this be if I didn’t bust Wines chops?

Later that night, the damn house caught fire again. Wines says it was an errant lightening strike. I believe the rest of the Nation calls that a rekindle! Beautiful!