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Close Call Video: Firefighter Narrowly Misses Roof Collapse

At 5h pm yesterday evening a major fire broke at an occupied house and quickly spread through the building on Baffin Street at the corner of Bethoven in Brossard. The initial call to 911 was made as a residential alarm ringing at the address but multiple calls then followed, mentioning heavy smoke and flames showing. Upon arrival police officers witnessed dense smoke coming out of the house and firemen declared a working fire. Multiple residents were evacuated as well as visitors to the tenants. A kid was also treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation. Longueuil fire fighters battled the intense blaze offensively but later switched for a defensive strategy. As firemen were exiting a roof collapsed and one fire fighter narrowly escaped the debris as shown in the video. No other injury were reported and rescue teams are still on scene. The fire is still burning as of 7h20 and victims have been taken care of by red cross workers. Footage includes Longueuil Police SPAL scanner audio recording from the moment they first arrived on scene.

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