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Hiring of Uneducated Fire Chief in Florida Sparks Debate

The fire service has put such an emphasis on education, yet our communities might not care. Some firefighters are shaking their heads wondering what the hell is going on. Why did they waste their time getting a college degree or more? How could someone without the education get the highest job in the department?

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Vehicle Fires…The Right Way from Weatherford, Texas and the Wrong Way from South Boston, Virginia

Here is another video where I ask you to find something wrong. The operation seems to run pretty well. I admit I have never used CAFS and don't have a clue about the pros and cons. My department does not use it and probably never will. The video is from Weatherford,TX Fire Department. Apparently it is tires burning in the bed of the truck. After the video...take a scroll down a little further for a picture of a Fire Chief putting out a fire. Notice anything different from the video to the picture? These are obviously two different operations from two different sides of the U.S.

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Rekindle? That is a word no Firefighter or Fire Chief wants to hear!

No firefighter or Fire Chief ever wants to hear the word "rekindle". The reason is because it makes us look incompetent. Whether or not the reason for the rekindle is our fault or not it is always blamed on us. Take for instance an arsonist who returns to finish the job. Unless the investigators can pinpoint the origin and cause of the second fire it will be considered a rekindle.

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