Rekindle? That is a word no Firefighter or Fire Chief wants to hear!

The video below shows a rekindled fire. The story is here. While the severity of the first fire at 4 am is not noted, the second fire at 7 am shows that the house was a total loss.

UPDATE: I have added another very recent Rekindle story below the first one.

A rekindle is a fire after firefighters have put the fire out and left the scene (or at least ceased all firefighting operations on scene).

No firefighter or Fire Chief ever wants to hear the word “rekindle”. The reason is because it makes us look incompetent. Whether or not the reason for the rekindle is our fault or not it is always blamed on us. Take for instance an arsonist who returns to finish the job. Unless the investigators can pinpoint the origin and cause of the second fire it will be considered a rekindle.

Typically, a rekindle is just that. Firefighters missed a hot spot which later started another fire. Make sure the fire is put out.

West Lafayette  (IN) firefighters battled a fire twice at an apartment complex. The second one being a rekindle.

The story is here. Pine Manor burned twice in 18 hours. Hat tip to for this additional story.