Vehicle Fires…The Right Way from Weatherford, Texas and the Wrong Way from South Boston, Virginia

Here is another video where I ask you to find something wrong. The operation seems to run pretty well. I admit I have never used CAFS and don’t have a clue about the pros and cons. My department does not use it and probably never will. The video is from Weatherford,TX Fire Department. Apparently it is tires burning in the bed of the truck.

After the video…take a scroll down a little further for a picture of a Fire Chief putting out a fire. Notice anything different from the video to the picture? These are obviously two different operations from two different sides of the U.S.

Here is a great pic of a Fire Chief doing work! Unfortunately this pic is from my home state of Virginia. Proud…no not quite. I realize I could catch some flack for thisit will be worth it. WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE! click the pic for the story.