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South Fulton Woman Loses Home to Fire Because She Didn’t Pay Fire Tax. Dave Statter Stays Quiet This Time.


A woman's house burned in South Fulton while firefighters watched from a distance. The firefighters did not put out the fire because the woman had not paid the $75 fire tax. South Fulton has a well disciplined and well known rule NOT to suppress fires on non paying residents of Obion County.Last year, when a similar story went viral, Dave Statter said that the firefighters should have put out the fire.

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The Secret List Isn’t Really a Secret At All


Some visitors to the site or readers of TSL think that we are trying to eliminate risk. That's ridiculous. This is a risky job and some risks must absolutely be taken. Additionally, some LODD"s are not avoidable and those who perform those are as heroic as anyone can get. That's not the ones we are talking about. We are talking about the unnecessary risks, the ones where firefighters and officers did things that resulted in nothing other than to get themselves hurt or killed.

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