Owning the Job: Video Ideas To Share With Firefighter Recruits on the First Day of Recruit School

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This morning, my department’s training Lieutenant called me. He was looking for the video that he and I watched along with the rest of our recruit school 14 years ago today on our first day with the department. He wasn’t quite sure on the title of it, and unfortunately I can’t remember it at all. So I did what I always do…I asked you guys over on the Fire Critic Facebook Page…and as always, you guys came through for me. No matter the question, I can always rely on the knowledge and experience of the 20k+ friends, fans, Brothers and Sisters on the page to help me out. After all, contrary to popular belief I do not know everything.

Artwork by FireMedicArt.com (D. Fitch)

Our next recruit school begins on Monday, and the Lt. is looking for that video or another to show the recruits on the first day. I believe the one he is looking for is titled “To Hell and Back” and that is what he thought to, but he couldn’t find it. I believe that is the name of it, but I couldn’t find it online anywhere. I am guessing we have a copy at the training center.

Below are just some of the videos that were recommended by the FB Brothers. I will add that this article was a quick idea I had after all of the great examples shared…and then I sat down and watched all of the videos, one by one. I was holding it together until the Pipes started playing on the Kyle Wilson Tribute video…then I lost it.

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Fire Fighter Anthem – This One’s For The Firefighters

Rick Lasky Part I

Rick Lasky Part II

Brotherhood Trailer

FDNY He Ain’t Heavy He’s my Brother

Firefighter Motivation

The Station Nightclub Fire Video

FDNY Black Friday Audio with Transcript (more on the fire here)

Sofa Super Store Fire

Houston Firefighter Mayday Video/Audio Part I

Houston Firefighter Mayday Video/Audio Part II

Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Home

Worcester, MA Cold Storage Warehouse Fire

St. Louis Fire Department – St. Louis City Fire Academy

Kyle Wilson Tribute

LSU FETI Recruit Program

BROTHERHOOD Life In The FDNY (Part 1 of 9)

Into the Fire Trailer

A few more links:

Video: Ground ladder collapses, crew falls