A Perfect Example of Fire & EMS Recruitment from Wyoming, OH Fire & EMS

You might remember that Willie and I traveled to the Cincinnati area for an Officer Seminar recently. I presented a class on social media in Covington, Kentucky and then we met up with and hung out with Zach Green in Wyoming, Ohio the next day.

Zach is a member of the Wyoming Fire & EMS Department, a proud member at that. Willie and I got to go to a flashover simulator at Cincinnati Fire Departments training grounds, we enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was our first time at a flashover simulator.

The Wyoming Fire & EMS has recently produced a recruitment video that was very well done. I have no clue of the budget for the video, but it seems professionally done.

The beautiful thing about this project is that any department can use it as a recruitment tool. It won’t matter that the video has Wyoming Fire & EMS in it, the message is the same. As a matter of fact, Wyoming firefighters encourage other departments to use it.

Check out the Wyoming Fire & EMS online and “like” them on Facebook as well.

Here is the video below:

Wyoming FD from ChiliDog Pictures on Vimeo.

Promoting recruitment for volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel of all ages and backgrounds to support their local community.