Update on 8 Y.O. Morgan Nolen Battling Neuroblastoma

Many of you all have asked for an update on Morgan Nolen, the 8 y.o. son of Captain Spencer Nolen, who is battling Stage 4 Ganglion Neuroblastoma. Please continue reading this entire article, there is a message from Morgan’s father below. The image and info I shared on Facebook has been the most popular item I have ever shared on the page. Thank you for getting the word out! It currently has 52k+ shares and reached 4.4 million people. That is an awesome testament to the community you all have built! Below that you will find a message to me from Spencer Nolen to be shared with all of you. It includes an address if you would like to send anything. God Bless you all. Carson is the middle son and has two brothers.

Ways to give/support Morgan:

From Spencer Nolen:

Lt Rhett Fleitz, wanted to share some information with you per a previous post. This is Spencer E. Nolen, Sr. I am a volunteer fireman/rescue squadsman in Pittsylvania County (right outside of Danville). I am a career Captain for the City of Greensboro, NC Fire Department. For years, I have been a huge fan and follower of you and Captain Willie Wines Jr. adventures and philosophies.

1461342_10203705146685594_8776909045923571354_nI have shared an avid interest in our fire service and rescue/ems history with you on occasion. With Captain Wines, I have talked to him about losing my own baby sister to suicide a few years ago. With both of you I have talked about the break up of my family in 2013. You guys always had good, very wise advice. It is no wonder that that you are so respected all over the United States. As posted, my middle son, Morgan Wayne Nolen, recently complained of some back and leg pain. After a couple of trips to the local doctors, he was referred to Duke Hospital where after a series of tests, my son was diagnosed Stage 4 Ganglion Neuroblastoma. He has a large tumor above his left kidney that is putting pressure on his thorax. The cancer has spread to the rear of his pelvis, his left femur, and his right arm. Morgan will receive an aggressive course of treatment over the entire year 2015. This will include chemotherapy,surgery, radiation, stem cell harvesting and replacement.

I do not have alot of time to get on the computer, but I wanted to get this information out there for the brothers and sisters. I am asking for continued prayers for my son. Morgan and his brothers Buddy and Carson have been through a difficult time with family issues. We have witnessed the power of prayer as Morgan goes through this difficult process.

A mailing address where he can be contacted is 713 Sandy Creek Road, Danville, Va. 24540.

I have been blessed that there are some individuals who have led efforts to raise funds for Morgan’s care. These people are GFD Capt. Jeff Chrismon, GFD Capt. Tim Gibbs, Twin Springs Elem Booster Club Amy Powell Moore, Deborah Scearce Gray, and PGFD Capt. Jim Key. They are individuals who handle this as I take care of my son. Morgan has been extremely blessed to have many,many people from his school, his community,church, surrounding volunteer fire departments and rescue squads, and fire departments from throughout the United States who have been there for him as he fights for his life. The IAFF Local 947 (President Dave Coker) and in Raleigh(President Keith Wilder ), as well as the Ignite the Spirit fund (President Jason Chamberlin)have also played a important role in providing help. In the near future I want to send you another post to give thanks to those who have gone above and beyond to help Morgan. THE BROTHERHOOD IS ALIVE AND WELL.

Thank you for allowing me to share this information about Morgan. Stay Safe.

The Nolen Brothers. Morgan is in the center.

The Nolen Brothers. Morgan is in the center.

FC Note: while I get a lot of requests to share information on sick/injured firefighters and their family and friends, I simply cannot fulfill every request. In order to make it count when I do, I pick and chose with very little rhyme or reason. It is not an easy decision, yet something that weighs on my heavily. I appreciate all of the requests AND the realization that I simply cannot share everything all the time.


  1. Clayton L. Covell

    Sending Many Prayers Young Brother!!!… God Bless You & Your Family. Amen

  2. Oh, you might be considered a little boy, but you are still every bit of you, a HERO. You are going through treatments and all kinds of stuff, but you are going to get through it. Your fantastic brothers are also there to “be there” whether to play video games, talk about stuff, or maybe just cry when you feel scared. I promise you that I’m going to say a bunch of prayers all for you…and your dad and brothers, too. I think you are a fantastic kid!!

  3. Morgan also has a 7 month old half brother very much in need of prayers as well. He is also fighting for his life at the very same hospital as Morgan with several severe birth defects. Terrible shame this poor child is continued to be overlooked while Morgan’s plight is shared with such fervor. Please add Harrison Collins and his extended family into your prayers as well.

    • Here is the difference: Morgan’s dad is a firefighter amd an EMT-I. We are a family and a community in fire and EMS. The father of the other child is not either one. Morgan’s dad is a selfless man who puts his life on the line for others to save them and is very much a part of this tight knit fire and EMS family, that’s why Morgan has so much support rallying behind him. The parents need to get more active to gain that sort of support! Also, I have yet to see a Harrison Collins FB post. Yes, he needs prayers too, but don’t undermine one child’s situation for another. Morgan and Harrison aren’t the only sick children out there, so stop acting like it’s a competition. It is awful for a child to deal with any sort of illness and both boys need all the support they can get, not all this who can get more/who is in more serious condition/my child is more important/immature childish crap/etc.

      • So in other words, a life or situation is valued more if one parent is a emt or fireman? Or if the child has a FB post? What rationale are you using? If that’s the case, Morgan and Harrison’s mother is a nurse. Not a competition. It’s common sense. Might not be family to Spencer, but this is not about spencer. As much as he would like it to be. It’s about Morgan. And Morgan and Harrison are related. Brothers are brothers. Blood related. A true brotherhood. But I wouldn’t expect some to understand. Eventually Pinocchio will run out of hickory on that nose.

        • Once again Nameless,you remain to be clueless…No one said anything about a situation being more important based on the fact of what their life career is.Spencer happens to be part of a organization who supports their brothers/sisters during the good times and the bad ones. These people rallied around him because they chose to do so,not because he ask them to,so why do you have to continuously try to smear this incredible mans name with all of your lies and continuously put your nose where it does’nt belong? Harrison’s mother is a nurse,along with many other things,but unlike you,no one ever brings up the truth about her and the things she has done to so many others over the course of the past few years,which BTW,is documented and proved in court records,for anyone who would like to know the truth.Instead you choose to lie and twist facts about a man who cares more for mankind and his family than he does about his own self.People no longer care to hear your wining about untruths and why one gets more attention than another,get a box of tissues and move on somewhere else.Common sense? That’s something that should’nt exist in your vocabulary because you apparently do not have any due to the fact we are having this discussion, and no one has made this a competition but you.And yes,this is about Spencer and his son,Morgan, and the wonderful people in this brotherhood who have rallied around a man who has given his entirety to saving lives and volunteering and who risk his life on a daily basis to do these things,and not about you as you would like it to be. One last thought,eventually,the wicked witch of the East and her broom will crash!

          • Nameless and Anonymous I don’t know either of these little boys but I do know we have a wonderful God. He would much rather you use your words for good of these boys. How would you feel if these messages got back to all the brothers. This is social media. If I am reading this they can too. Please lift these families up. God bless you both. I will pray that you will think of these children first

          • Where has anyone twisted or lied about this incredible man you speak of? Don’t know what you’re reading or what mystical punch you’re drinking. I don’t represent either family you speak of. But there are two sides to every story. And I’m sure people wouldn’t want to know the truths you speak of concerning either party in the smear campaign divorce the two shared. He isn’t a saint. By any means. But again, it’s not about him. I was simply calling attention to a brother of his that isn’t mentioned whatsoever. Morgan has three brothers. Not two. And the third is not doing so well. And could use some prayers from the brotherhood. Family is family.

          • Just wanted you to know ,I did respond to your last post but it is pending due to the fact of this site not allowing the drama that you have created…Don’t need to drink mystical punch or anything else,as you call it, to see what kind of people Spencer has to deal with,now on a daily basis, and its very apparent which side of the family you represent,so don’t waste your breath….Actually there are 3 sides to every story,his side,their side and the truth,and we all know without a doubt the whole story and the truth of the matter.As far as a smear campaign,and truths,we have all seen the evidence first hand and if you only knew the half of it or could see the proof we saw, you might wanna switch teams at that point…..And in the eyes of everyone who knows and loves Spencer ,he is a Saint,by all means.I hate drama,but I will not sit back and allow anyone to speak bad of this man,tell lies on him or make him look like a bad person,that we all know he is not, without coming to his defense.Bottom line,this is a page for Spencer and his son Morgan,not for you,not for me,not for his ex wife,her husband or THEIR baby,yes I said THEIR BABY,not Spencers….Those people have nothing to do with this page and you should have had enough common sense to realize that before you created all this drama.And yes,Morgan has 3 brothers not 2,but SPENCER HAS THREE SONS,NOT 4!!!!!!!

          • I feel sorry for you anonymous. The wool is over your eyes. You don’t like drama but you have long winded rebuttals to maintain how much of a saint Spencer is. And how anyone else on the other side is whatever. I’m sure you fill the pews on Sunday and yell your amens loud and clear but are more judgemental than a teenage girl picking out prom dresses. People make mistakes. No one is perfect. You still miss the point of the original post. Morgan has a brother that isn’t listed on purpose. A brother apparently struggling to survive. Fighting. Just like Morgan. He’s family to Morgan. That’s what matters. He’s the one battling. Not anyone else. I can assure you, I know gobs of info on your darling angel Spencer. Stuff no one would truly want to hear or know. But it’s not about him. Never has been. Never will be. It’s about his son. That he rarely ever spends time with. Family always comes first before anything. It’s why I took it upon myself to ask for prayers for his brother. Dust off your bible and read for once.

          • No need to feel sorry for me,I have a life,something you evidentally do not have,or you would’nt be here again,trying to defend your stupidity….Do you still not get it? Have you not read all the comments that tell you to back off because this page has nothing to do with you and yours….Do you not understand this isn’t about you and what you think?Nobody cares,get the picture?Can you say”1096″?And you are correct,I do not like drama or being a part of it,but I will defend Spencer Nolen from idiots like you any day of the week!!!!Hmm,fill the pews and yell amens,teenage girls picking out prom dresses,WOW,there goes that 1096 status again!! Nobody misses the point but you and you continue to come back and wanna argue….Blah,blah ,blah,you don’t know jack cause if you did you would have a better understanding of everything that has happened…Finally you said it,it’s about HIS SON!!! His son,no one elses!!! Spencer has not left his childs side since this diagnosis except to switch off with Morgan’s mother so she can spend time with him..that statement about him not spending time with his son,just proves to me how truely ignorant you are and if you knew half of what you think you know,you would probably still be ignorant…..You are correct,family does come first,always,so why are you still here? Go, be with your family and leave this man’s alone!!! I will dust off my Bible and yea I probably need to resume reading it again,but you better go buy yourself a Bible,cause its apparent you have never seen one ,much less read one…..

          • Can you say 10-91F? No one is fooled. The oppossum eventually has to stop the theatrics. Prayers for Morgan and prayers for his brother Harrison. Both will overcome. And so will both families. God provides a higher pedestal than fake people any day. No offense to those Fire and emt people from around the country offering up their assistance. God bless them for their assistance. I’m referring to the local yocals who are quick to jump and judge. And ignore the fact Morgan is not alone in his fight. It’s sad. But that’s just the way of the world.

          • Oh yea I can say it,but its kinda like the oppossum in comparison to the theatrics,it has no meaning or makes no sense in accordance to the issue at hand,but neither has anything else you have said or tried to compare,so why would this round be any different.Wow,there’s a intelligent sounding pair of words,local yocals,and how long did it take you to come up with those.No fake people here ,just good honest people trying to defend a man from the likes of you and your lies.And btw,try to work on those metaphors as much as you can because i have yet to see one that made any sense whatsoever.And we finally agree,Morgan is not alone and i personally pray for them both…But this is Morgan and Spencer’s page so others including yourself need to address Harrison on his page.

          • sad… very sad

          • Dear All, if there is another brother then lets all pray for him as well. Is it too much to ask that all differences be put aside to not disclude such a small little treasure?? Isn’t that little boy going through enough already then to hear whether or not he should be included?? I am concerned for Morgan which brought me to this page, but after reading about his other brother not even spoken about, well imagine what that poor little boy will be feeling after realizing this, and isn’t this page supposed to be about support?? I will pray for both Morgan and his brother. May God bless you both and all little ones going through so much!

          • You have the right idea, praying for and supporting the other child. But the other child wasn’t included because the other child isn’t Mr. Nolan, the Firefighter/EMT’s child. His wife has moved on and this is the child of another man. I wouldn’t expect it to include Harrison. But Morgan and his brothers Carson and Buddy from the Nelsons Union makes sense. The whole point the way I see it, is that whoever this Nameless person is, they could have approached this in a very positive way by giving thanks for what HAS been done and simply presenting the request and reason for request for Harrison. None of this was done in malice.

        • It’s very sad that you are not focused on the children and their illnesses. Yes Morgan, Harrison, Carson and Buddy are brothers. BUT, from what I am gathering Morgan’s parents divorced sometime in the last 3 years. The 3 older brothers have been together for quite some time and have a bond. The Mother is no longer in the home, it seems maybe she is remarried, regardless, when you divorce someone you lose all the connections to them. He is the Firefighter/EMT and the Brotherhood was gracious enough to set this up for MORGAN. Now I am sure the individual that was kind enough to do this was not intending to slight the new child from the new relationship. The fundraiser is for Morgan. If you are disappointed that Harrison is not included, then I don’t know how much plainer it can be explained except that Mr. Nolan isn’t Harrisons’ father. All the he/said and she/said is totally uncalled for. A simple thank you for all you are doing for Morgan, and he has a new baby brother than needs prayers as well would have covered all the bases and left no room for arguments.

    • I will.

    • Regardless of the page, or who it is for, especially since I do not know “Anonymous” or “Nameless”, a request has been made for prayer for a 7 month old CHILD, a boy, Harrison Collins. Who, from reading all the lengthy posts between the two , is related to Morgan Nolen. Now, this tiny infant was born with, according to the above post, several severe birth defects and is fighting for his life. My heart goes out to Harrison Collins.
      Father God, I lift up to You Harrison Collins. A 7 month old baby fighting for his life. My heart breaks for the parents. Not knowing if they know You or Your Son as their personal Savior; I pray that they do, but if they don’t, Father, send someone to speak to them. To share with them, Your love, Grace and Mercy. You are in control. All things are possible through You, as is healing this precious child. I pray for Your will to be done. I pray for strength, peace and comfort for the parents of Harrison Collins. Father God, you also know everything else that is going on between the two families and in the town. In the name of Christ Jesus, I pray that satan be driven out and a hedge of protection placed around the town that the he or his demons can not cross. Fill everyone involved, with love. The love that comes from knowing You! We are nothing without You! We can not forgive or overcome hurt without Christ Jesus in us. “Mathew 6: 14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”
      It takes divine help, Lord, to forgive. Help them all in this. For themselves and the children involved. For their life here on earth, but more importantly their eternal life with You and Christ Jesus in Heaven.
      Thank You for hearing my prayer. For giving us another way to pray and reach others. I give You the Honor, Praise and Glory! In the name above all names I pray, In The Name of Christ Jesus, Amen!

      Mathew 19:13-15
      13 Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them. 14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 15 When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.

  4. Nameless,don’t you mean clueless?This is a site known as Fire Critic and it is about fireman and stories that pertain to their life.The last time I checked,Harrison was not related to Spencer in any way nor will he ever be. This has nothing to do with you or Harrison and his extended family.You need to back off and leave this man alone with your petty comments and insults to this family.We all pray that Harrison grows up to be a healthy young man,but this is not the time or place for you to stalk this family everytime someone does something in honor of Morgan…Back off and get a life and stay out of this Family’s buisness!!!

  5. I live in Danville and my church and I have been praying for Morgan and Harrison. I am also helping with some fundraisers. Both of these children, their parents, brothers and family members need all of the love, prayers and support we can give them. I am praying for healing for these precious boys and for guidance for the three parents so that they may be able to best help their children through this. God bless you all!

  6. baffledbyyourignorance

    I don’t know any of the people involved. Nameless I agree the baby needs prayers but I think what Anonymous is saying is that this site/post is for people who are firefighters/Emts & their families. As far as I can tell Morgans father is involved with both groups. Harrson might be a half brother to Morgan but he is not related to Mr. Nolen. Neither child asked to be ill. So I’m assuming you’re both adults so start acting like one. I feel NAMELESS was wrong for coming on here & starting a fuss. Go on facebook & start a page for the baby. I’m sure he would have followers. It shouldn’t be a competition. If the mother is ok with you trying to take this away from Morgan then shame on her. I would block NAMELESS from being able to post here. This is about Morgan not you or Harrison. I can only imagine how hard this is for Morgan going through the treatments & surgeries. I have been watching my spouse go through it & is now for the 2nd time . It’s tough for an adult so I can’t imagine a kid going through it. I do know Morgan doesn’t need the stupid petty crap that’s being said. Grow up & give some respect to Morgan & his brothers & dad. Also to the great people who give their time to respond to our needs. Payers for Morgan & his family. May God wrap his arms around you Morgan & give you strength to get through your treatments.

    • I am so sorry about your spouse. If there is a way for you to get me your names, I can add them to a prayer site that I am on. God bless and may He give you both strength to endure through this.

    • Just so you know…I am the childrens grandma, and my daughter actually asked me to stay out of this but I think that since this page is only to pray for a particular proffesional family…ya’ll should know that Morgan and Harrisons mom, my daughter, has EMT and a fire science degree, which not many people have even in the proffesional fire departments, yep she was a volunteer fireperson, emt but chose Registered Nurse and mom as a much more fulfilling career. Now will you please pray for both children? Are were special enough for this site now?

  7. Mary Molenkamp-Mylett

    God bless them all.

  8. I’m praying for little Morgan. Our Heavenly Father knows of him and knows his pain and his situation. I will continue to pray for Morgan to be healed. When I pray, I always use the Father’s name(God is a title) and the Messiah’s Hebrew (Jewish-given) name, as there IS true power in the true names.
    In Yeshua’s Holy and precious name, I ask you, YaHoVaH, for the blessed annointing and healing of Morgan Nolan. He is sick Father. He needs Your healing. If it be Your will, I ask You to provide all that he needs to restore his body to health. In Yeshua’s precious name I pray. Amein Amein
    Get well little Morgan.
    Shalom from Oklahoma. ❤️

  9. Morgan, I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. I will be praying for you. I will pray for your doctors and for your family. God be with you and bless you.
    Liane Canova

  10. Praying for you♡♡♡

  11. This is not the place to be arguing they are asking for prayer not arguing I’m a cancer survivor its a long hard deviant road and these kids need all the support near and cancer is the devil and its awful for the child even worse for the family so stop arguing this child and his family needs love compassion and support with that said keep the updates coming as I pray every day for these angels as for the adult on this page with negativity its not your place to say anything accept you care and will pray none care about who’s who we just care these children get better

  12. Dam you nameless this is a child yes there are others but this is about him can you stop with the bs for god sake its not wrong to want prayer you need to grow up and if you don’t like how this page is conducted then pass Cus none in these chilfens family needs to hear you bs this is not about you and FYI no one is perfect so stop just stop anyone who has nothing good to say go none forces you to read thid

  13. Father God, I lift up Morgan Nolen to You. He is fighting a very aggressive cancer. Father, this precious child has so much faith in You and in Christ Jesus! I thank You for such a young soul to witness to others about Your Grace and Mercy. Give him the strength he needs to overcome and fight against the cancer that is inside of him. Let others see You through his eyes. Father, so many people, and some believers included, do not understand why this happened. Especially to a child. Many will question and ask if You are a God of Love how could You do this…, allow this to happen. You did not create diseases, we brought these things upon ourselves when Adam and Eve fell. Oh, if only we could walk in perfect harmony in that garden with You. No death, war, diseases, depravity. But through Christ Jesus, we have hope! We have the assurance that we will spend eternity with You, in perfection. This, precious child, Morgan, knows this and while I too pray that You heal his tiny body of this cancer; more importantly, strengthen his faith, give him comfort for any pain and help him to share with others Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation through Him. Send Your angels to stand guard and place a hedge of protection around him that the devil or his demons can not cross. Let nothing stand in the way of this child declaring, sharing, teaching, witnessing, to all who come into contact with him, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the leading to salvation through Jesus Christ. Fill Morgan Nolen with the Holy Spirit, giving him the tools that he needs to speak for You! Thank You Father God for loving us! I give You the Honor, Praise and Glory! You are my God, my Creator, my King, my Jehovah-Jireh, my Savior, my Groom, my All, my Everything! In the name above all names I pray! In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen!

  14. I do not know if this comment can reach the family but I do know that there is a Cancer hospital for children in Georgia that is sponsored by AFLAC . I believe the services are FREE . Something to look into if this information can reach his parents.

  15. Get in touch with the John Huntsman Cancer Center. They have found the cure for cancer and will help anyone that needs help. It is in Utah. Do not delay. This treatment does not involve chemo nor radiation. There is 100% cure rate from gold molecule infusion and a complete body scan using ultra-sonic sound waves which heat the cancer cells only which have been attached with the smallest molecules of gold. These cells are burned and leave the healthy cells alone. No nausea, no surgery and quick recovery and complete healing. Waste no time. Get him there. Ask for donations–people will donate. John Huntsman, a billionaire, spent his wealth developing the technique and building this cancer healing center. Notice it is not a treatment center–it is a healing center. Waste no time–do it now!!! God bless you and heal you little man!!!!!!!!!! He does answer prayers!!!!!!!!!!

  16. just pray. That is all he’s asking for! I just did! I pray for your healing and your family’s blessings in Jesus name.

  17. Morgan. God bless you and keep u in His Strong Arms. I had an aggressive cancer 12years ago and they gave me 2 months to live. Obviously God had other plans. I have been cancer free for over 11 years now! I want u to know that the Hope is there. Hold on tight and let God work with u. He may want you in Heaven now Which isn’t a bad thing, you know. But, He could very possibly want to use u here! Put it in His Hands and Trust Him. My prayers r with u along with many, many others whose prayers going up for you. Stay strong!!!

    • Praise Jesus, may the strength of many be upon this boy and may it help to raise his spirit above this sickness that holds him hostage and may the Lord set him free.

  18. Please check on Protocel. I was given two years to live with stage 4 ovarian cancer. that was 13 years ago. It flushes cancer cells from the body. The AMA and your doctor will try to discourage this, but I spoke with many people across the nation before I took it, some at death’s door and they were cured. It works best on tumors. Please check for yourself. Blessings

  19. Sharing in two prayer group!! we serve a amazing God who provide all our needs!! thank you to all firemen out there for the job you all do!

  20. i am praying for this young man, i had nuroblastoma at the age of a year old, i am now 51 years old, a 50 year survivor of the same cancer, you are in my prayers,there is hope, continue steadfast in your fight! you are amazing! you are awsome,brave, and a wonderful boy! I will also pray for your family, the doctors, and your treatments. you are my hero!

  21. Proof that even Morgans grandma (dads mom) needs to think about Morgan and not herself. Im sorry but a mother should be able to visit and give her son a kiss even when hes in the hospital and its not her time. Selfish.. Both sides need to start thinking about tgese sick kids and quit fueling the fire. Quit thinking about yourselves and about your time.. Its his time. He needs support not fighting or selfishness… If he ask for his mom then let her be in the room… If he asks for his dad then let him be in there… Its simple..

    • crying shame ain’t it? I am beginning to see that maybe what some are saying is right. Put Morgan first. Don’t make it about yourselves. That’s all I’ve read on here from anonymous or whoever they are. let mom or dad give their son a kiss. Or hug. Or FaceTime their child when he wants to. On a iPad donated to the child by his school for that purpose. And the mother is refused that right. It’s sad. It really is. You would think the community would rally around both parents especially considering the circumstances. And mom has another battling for their life. Prayers for all involved.

  22. My prayers are with you Morgan!! What a tough little guy you must be 🙂 I believe in healing because I serve a big God. God healed my sister of stage 4 lung and brain cancer over 5 years ago and she still remains cancer free!So what God did for her He will do for you!! Stay strong, positive, pray, and remember its ok to cry when your having a bad day.Just pray and ask God to help you and I promise He will, He loves you soooo much!!! I will be sending you something special in the next week or two so be looking for it, ok? Kim Cheman

  23. Fabian Da Ace Sheppard

    Cannabis oil cures most cancers its not too late study and you’ll find what im saying is true and hurry up and get him on it God be with you Morgan in Jesus name amen!!!!!!!!!

    • Amen. And watch out because too many people talk about sending something or what you can afford, well prayers are what thIS child needs NOT MONEY. MONEY “IS” the ROOT of ALL EVIL. We have OBAMA care NOW. DO NOT SEND MONEY! These peopel do not need a new car or home and a vacation to Hawaii is not going to cure the kid. PRAY to GOD this child has the strength to fight the demons within him, and hopefully the family will keep us all updated on his progress. God Bless you all.

  24. i hope he feels better and i am praying for him as much as possible and as hard as possible. i shared this post with all my family and friends. thank you for sharing it with us and i wish him the best of luck!!!!!!!!

  25. Matthew 18:19-20New International Version (NIV)
    19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

    About 4 hours ago I received a request to pray for this young man. As I do with anyone else when I receive a request to share a post of this nature, I verify if the request is a hoax or not. I was not prepared for what I have found on here. When you create a child with an individual, they are in your life FOREVER! There will be birthdays, graduations, school functions, etc. and shame on both of you and your families if you can’t put your bitterness aside for that short period of time ‘for your son’. I have no patience or tolerance for adults that can’t behave as such, especially under these circumstances. This is an 8 year old child that was blessed because one of his fathers’ Fire Fighter Comrades cared enough to reach out to the rest of the world and ask for ‘help’ in whatever way possible for Morgan, Carson, Buddy & Mr. Nolan. I am sure this same Fire Fighter Brother meant no harm or malice toward the ex-Mrs. Nolan & her newest addition, 7 month old Harrison Collins. I didn’t waste a lot of my time reading the back and forth pettiness, but I don’t put a whole lot of stock into anyone that needs to hide who they are while hiding behind a computer, telephone and such. That being said. This is about these little boys. I agree that Harrison is just as important as Morgan to their mother. However, comments supporting the mother and belittling the father doesn’t look well for the mother or her family. If you want people to pray for your baby, the approach I would use would be, thank you for everything you are doing for my 3 older boys it is really appreciated, I have a 7 month old that is in the same hospital and is having serious complications due to being born with birth defects would you add him to your prayer list as well. I can only speak for me, but I could care less about the character of the parents, there are children hurting here and 2 of them are very sick. There are 3 little boys that for I am assuming at least the last 3 years have gone through some very drastic changes. Daddy & Mommy aren’t together anymore, Mommy has a new baby, Harrison and Morgan are very sick and do you know what children think at that point, they think what did I do to cause this. I lived their lives, not only you feel you are the cause of everything wrong, you have many dark thoughts that go through your mind because you don’t feel wanted by one or both of your parents. Maybe even your step parents. An 8 year old, at least most of them have no idea what death really is, and it’s very scary. To be in a hospital and be stuck with needles and medicine that makes you more sick than you were when you were admitted. The fear that Buddy and Carson have of possible losing a brother, they just lost the freedom of one parent being at home and having the freedom to see them whenever they wanted. But one other thing really bothers me. Someone did something very nice for Morgan, and all this negativity, should he read it, is going to make him feel he didn’t deserve this gift of friendship. Yes Harrison is their half brother, but they aren’t as attached to Harrison as they are to one another. The 3 older boys have a much stronger bond. And children shouldn’t have to carry that worry and pain. I truly wish the admin. of this site would delete all the negative comments, because this is one place Morgan and his family should be able to go and show him just how much he is loved.

    On another note, I have a friend that her youngest child was born with cancer. Not sure if Morgan’s parents know that if money is an issue, St. Jude’s is amazing. I am not sure how Scottish Rite works but I think it is along the same lines for birth defects. One last thing, there are sites out there where you can make request for help financially. I think one of them is called “GoFundMe”, Just a thought but maybe Harrison’s parents or one of their friends or family members could set up a site for Harrison. Also, on FaceBook you can set up a page for Harrison and Morgan, together or separate, asking people to join for support and prayers. Please people, take a step back and take a deep breath. You are all under enormous pressure and stress right now. I’ve never been in your shoes and I won’t be so condescending to say I know how you feel, because I don’t have a clue. But I have been where Morgan is, and it appears that he is being a bigger adult than the adults and that’s very sad.

    Heavenly Father we come to you tonight as humbly as we know how. Lord Jesus I pray you forgive me for any sins that I have not confessed, help me to stay focused to be more like you every day. Dear Lord we pray for these children and their families. Father, wrap your loving arms around them, let them feel the warmth of your love. Father I pray for the adults in the families, Jesus help the focus and stay centered on what is important. Father I pray for Morgan, you know his heart, you know what he is feeling. Lord we ask that you help him have peace and strength for the hard times while he is healing. Father we ask that you give the medical teams treating Morgan and Harrison & anyone in their paths, wisdom, compassion and patience. Lead them and guide them Jesus. Heavenly Father help us to remember what we profess with our mouths can become our reality, either negative or positive. Lord we pray for Buddy and Carson, these situations are hard for siblings. Father I pray you give them peace. I pray they will receive the help and support they need during their time of need. Lord you are the Mighty Physician, you can do all things, Father we pray that you will reach down and touch these children and heal them. We are claiming this in Jesus Hold Name… Amen & Amen

    • Concerned about the family

      Thank you, for your prayer and very wise words that it is about the children.

  26. Our thoughts are with you brother. Your a strong man and a damn good fireman. You have never let your brothers down and we wont let you down. Shame all the drama and trife you and your endure. Your a better man than I! You should of just kicked that spineless pricks teeth in like you said you would. Your his father and noone can take your place. There is power in numbers brother and you got all us firemen holding your back, lol,but anot if you feel froggy then we will let you jump and turn the other way!!!

    • Concerned about the family

      Really Shane? Is this what this page is about? I thought it was a proffessional firefighters page to add prayersfor a family? Although I have read some rather disturbing things, I never expected threats to Morgans dad. Jeeze I would not have expected proffesional people to act like this. Maybe I am on the wrong site. But either way it amazes me how absolutely trifling people are in a time of crisis. How would this child feel about some one threatening his family/dad? Do you suppose he would like that? Will that cure his cancer? If so lets all do it, but having had cancer myself, I didnt get cured by threats. I picked your post to comment on because I found it most disturbing that a person would back up such a threat at a time like this. You should be trying to calm the situation not add fuel to the fire with such remarks.

      • This man is the STEP father not the father. There is a huge differnce. He is the reason morgans REAL dad cant be around him at certain times. We are proffesionals but when one of ours is scorned we hold their backs. You dont know how the divorce went from his sorry ex wife and how the STEP dad stole Morgans mom (term used loosely) away from morgans dad. Spencer has every right to be mad and kick his teeth in like he eventually will do. And when that time comes we will be there for our brother. Morgans real father will give you the shirt off of his back and do for everyone but he also has no problem standing his ground and laying an ass whooping down. We have kept morgans dad from killing this wonderful stepfather as he wanted to but maybe its time to let him do what he said he would!

  27. Praying for you buddy!!!