Helmet Cam: Fairfax County Apartment Fire From Several Angles

Video by: Penn Daw. Video info: Helmet Cam videos from a first due townhouse fire in box 1136 last week. All three helmet cams are working simultaneously but put in order for entertainment value. Helmet cams : (Trudeau) Officer on Tower 411, (Ballinger) Left Bucket on Tower 411, and (Stern) Officer on Rescue 411. Station 411 consists of an Engine, Truck, Rescue, Brush Truck and two Medic Units. All units at station 411 are career pieces. Truck 411 was in the shop getting worked on, so a Tower was placed in service to fill the aerial spot at the station.

FC Note: This is the power of helmet cameras. Handsfree…you can create great training video as well as video provided to the public showing what we face in during fires. Great job!

Fire Cam

fairfax apartment fire

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