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Must See Video: Last Minute Rescue at Houston’s 5 Alarm Fire Today. Man Jumps Down One Floor To Reach Rescuers Right Before Collapse

Prior video coverage of the fire in Houston can be found here (9 Videos)

Hat tip to @FireNews on Twitter for finding this one. Video by: Karen Jones

This is some amazing video of a worker who was stranded on the top floor of an apartment comlex that burned today in Houston. The man jumped down to the balcony on the level below him because the floor he was on was fully involved in flames. Firefighters utilizing an aerial ladder were able to reach him from there. Then…like a scene out of Hollywood, the top floor collapses nearly hitting both the man and his rescuer.

It seems as though he might not have been so lucky if he hadn’t come down one floor. I am not sure how much more length that ladder had in it.


heroic rescue at houston fire

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  • Nip

    Lol at the poor guy trying to come up the ladder. If the tip guy would’ve had a rock he would’ve beaned him. Awesome save guys.

  • mg

    holy shit that was awesome nice job guys where there just in time

  • Jesse Williams

    Why is this bitch thanking Jesus? Thank the damn firefighters that saved him.

    • Manuel Rangel

      That must be the FF name. Lol. I’m sure the Ladder crew was happy with the save.

    • 28sCapt

      Wtf is wrong with you?

      • Jesse Williams

        WTF is wrong with you believing in imaginary bullshit in the sky? What are you like, 5 years old? I bet you still believe in Santa and The Tooth Fairy.

    • Saint Micheal

      Hey .. Jesse Williams don’t be so ignorant calling the lady bitch. Who was thanking Jesus for help the fire fighter to help save the guy. It’s guy like you make us guy sound ignorant and that’s kewl dude. Thanks for the fireman for save the guy life.

      • Jesse Williams

        It’s your poor grammar that makes you sound and look ignorant, not me. That and the fact that you believe in imaginary friends and hear voices in you head. Wait, that doesn’t make you look ignorant, it makes you look delusional.

  • Vaughan

    Holy Moly.

  • ukfbbuff

    While the Captain was at the top of the ladders, let’s not forget the:

    Ladder Turntable Operator

  • D

    The firefighter needs to stop flapping his arms on the goddamn ladder. Stay calm, get on the radio. Tell your engineer what to do dumbass.