Video: City of Manassas Summer Fire & Rescue Camp

If your department doesn’t have a program like this you should seriously consider it. I don’t imagine too many departments do have a program like the one in the City of Manassas (VA). My department does have a citizens fire academy, but I believe it is for adults.

The City of Manassas Fire & Rescue Summer Camp is for rising freshman and conducted along with a Police Summer Camp.

At Fire & Rescue Camp, students learned what it takes to be a firefighter by donning the uniform in under 50 seconds, communicating on the radio, riding in a fire truck properly and using the fire hose to put out fires (pointing the hose at cones in the parking lot). They also learned CPR, basic first aid and other EMS related information. Teens also watched a medevac helicopter land and learned how teams work in a critical care situation. On the final day, teens were allowed to extinguish a fire and ended with a pizza party.

I can only imagine the positive impacts on the students AND the firefighters who help put on the camp.

Hat tip: NC for sharing


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