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The Cornerstone Fire – South Metro, CO Close Call Explained By the Firefighters Who Survived It

Watch, listen, share, learn. You owe it to yourselves and your peers to learn from this close call.

South Metro Fire:

This video describes a close call at a basement fire in fall of 2012 in South Metro’s district. The incident nearly trapped 4 members of our department as they narrowly escaped a collapse of the first floor into the basement. This video hopes to pass on lessons learned so that other firefighters are not faced with a similar situation.

Close Call- The Cornerstone Fire from SMFRA Training on Vimeo.

south metro close call video on fire critic


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  • No one

    Lt. Tasker saved some lives that night. 



  • Steve Whitehead

    Thanks for posting our video Rhett. I appreciate you helping get the word out. I was proud to be a part of this production. The guys were great about telling their story. We like telling storie. We should tell these stories more often. They help us all become better firefighters.