LODD: Firefighter Token Adams Dies in ATV Accident in Santa Fe, New Mexico

U.S. Forest Service Firefighter Token Adams was killed in an ATV accident while investigating a report of smoke in the Santa Fe, New Mexico Forest.

Token’s wife, Heidi, is expecting their second child this month. Token’s funeral will be held on Thursday.


Adams, a Navy veteran and a former member of the Kings River Hotshots in California, had worked for the Forest Service for about 10 years. He worked in the Jemez Ranger District in northern New Mexico for more than a year and officials said he knew the area well.

You can donate money to the Adams Family

The text below is from a web site set up to raise money for the  Adams family.

Token Adams, a loving husband, father, son, and firefighter, went missing after checking a report of smoke in the Santa Fe, New Mexico Forest August 30. After failing to return to the pre-arranged meeting point with two other firefighters, a search began. Inclement weather hindered the search over the weekend, but no one ever stopped looking for him or having hope. Several hundred volunteers focused on 25 miles of rugged forest, increasing the area as time went on. Token was unfortunately discovered on September 6 as the victim of a deadly ATV accident.

Token was vivacious, full of life, energy, and love. People were drawn to him – including his wife Hiedi who he met while on assignment in Maine. Hiedi is a similar spirit and they were perfect for each other. Their son Tristan was born in Texas when they were living there, and Hiedi is expecting a daughter, Isla, later this month. The loss of Token has created a hole in everyone’s hearts, but no more than their’s.

This website is to support Hiedi and her family through this transition with whatever they need. Her family has traveled from Maine to be with her during this difficult time, however, the travel and the extended time off from work is costly. Hiedi will need all the emotional and physical support she can have right now, especially with her due date being less than two weeks away. There will be additional expenses shortly being a single mother with two children, so far from home.

Please donate anywhere from $1 to $1 million. Every little bit will help.

God bless you Token.