Former Compton Deputy Chief Marcel Melanson Arrested after Charges of Theft Covered up by Arson

Marcel Melanson, the 15 year veteran of the Compton (CA) FD, has been arrested for his supposed role in theft at the FD headquarters and subsequent arson used to cover up the theft. Reports indicate that he sold stolen radio equipment online and then set fire inside FD headquarters on December 11, 2011.

Marcel Melanson in Inked Magazine photo by Russ Quackenbush

In 15 years, Melanson rose to the rank of Deputy Chief at 37 years old. He stood out from the crowd due to his heavily tattooed body and his quick rise in ranks at a young age.

He has been terminated by the department as a result of the investigation.

Marcel, who was featured on two times in the past, has actually been in contact with me via twitter in the past. His account is now disabled.

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A former Compton deputy fire chief — who has also starred on a reality television series — has been arrested on suspicion of arson and grand theft in connection with a fire that destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of radio equipment in late 2011.

Marcel Melanson, 37, was arrested at his home Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Compton had bought the radio and communications equipment in 2010, when the city was planning to end its contract with the Sheriff’s Department and reinstate the Compton Police Department.

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