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The Final Season of Rescue Me Begins Tonight

The final season of Rescue Me begins tonight at 10pm on FX. Rescue Me is one of the few shows about firefighters currently on TV. I think that many may agree that Rescue Me was a decent show in the beginning, but as the seasons progressed dysfunctional lives and too often nearly impossible heroics in conditions which are not indicative of normal firefighting lost real firefighters along the way.

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Firefighting on TV…Who will be next?

Rescue Me was a hit. Many firefighters enjoyed it. I thought it showed how dysfunctional firefighters can be...not all of us, but some of us. It started out being pretty heavy on the firefighting and light on the drama...it ended up being very heavy on the drama and light on the firefighting. Trauma was just way over the top...and too many ambo drivers! The question now is what will be the next network show or movie about firefighting... Here are some of the options...

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