Best of the Rest – Never Ask The Dead, Accomack Arson Spree, Paramedic David Lee Roth, Eagle Scout Project, and much more!

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Best of the Rest

Backstep Firefighter has a several must read articles.

  • Bill Carey writes about the need to discuss Line of Duty Deaths and how to do it respectfully. The topic is taboo to many of us, but we must not fail to learn from the loss of our Brother and Sister Firefighters. Read “Never Ask The Dead”.
  • Dave LeBlanc also writes on the topic in a piece titled “You Can’t Handle The Truth”
  • Both pieces speak of Line of Duty Deaths. Backstep Firefighter recently ran a piece on the topic describing some differences in reporting Line of Duty Deaths titled “On Duty & Line of Duty: What is the Difference?

Firehouse Zen discusses the recent events at Miami-Dade, Florida in his post titled “Listen to What You Are Saying“. He provides links to the whole story if you haven’t heard about it yet.

Dave Statter looks at a video of a mobile home fire that claims the Fire Department didn’t respond in Bradley, WV. Read about it here.

Speaking of Dave Statter, am I the only one who wishes Ellerbe would resign just so we can stop seeing his name on

Thanks to Jeff at for the heads up. This appeared in the March issue of Fire Rescue Magazine. Very cool! Thanks

Virginia Firefighters converged in Albemarle County for a Truck School. View more about it here.

Perkins Firefighter Brian Hackenburg is racing to raise money and support for the National Firefighters Endowment. Read about it here.

Accomack County, VA has had 73 arsons since November 2012. has a detailed report on the fires and what the community is doing about it. Read the report here.

CALLING ALL COLORADO FIREFIGHTERS!!! You have one week to submit your applications for a chance to be in the 2014 calendar! Go to our web site and complete the online application submission form: (from the Colorado Firefighter Calendar FB page)

First Due Tackle has an article on underwater entanglements. They used the Fire Cam for video which is quite impressive. Check it out here.

David Lee Roth of Van Halen is now a New York City Paramedic. Read more about that here.

Medic 22 is back on the scene with an article about ANOTHER EMS blogger, this one in Virginia. Medic 22 doesn’t like what he read and told the blogger about it…as well as Virginia EMS. Read about it here

Speaking of EMS…Dave Statter has the story on the Crybaby Anti-Semite FDNY EMS Lt. Timothy Dluhos who ranted on twitter about his boss (Mayor Bloomberg). When confronted by two female reporters about his tweets…you guessed it, Dluhos cried like a baby. WHAT A BITCH! Read it all here. has a great story about a Junior Firefighter who built a heli-pad at his firehouse for his Eagle Scout project. The helipad was quickly put to use for an emergency! Read bout it here