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Custom Firehouse Kitchen Table – Fairfield Township, Ohio

Jason Agoston sent this table in from Engine 212 and Medic 212 “House on the Hill” in Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio. They claim this might be the heaviest table in any firehouse. Jason and two other firefighters built the table themselves. It measures 8’x4′, with a 2’x4′ frame, sheet of plywood covered by oak flooring. The base is two Darling hydrants. They then coated it with the same stuff they put on basketball courts.

Across the top of the table it reads Engine 212/ “Since 1947″/ Medic 212.

Thanks for sending it in Jason!

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  • Val-firefighter wife

    Claim of heaviest table? That was gauntlet thrown. I just told hubby to get on it lol

    • The Fire Critic

      The one we made at our firehouse was made out of solid 4×4’s. 14 of them across. The table is 8×4. It is heavy…We didn’t weigh it though.

  • Jordan

    Ours was originally 4×4’s, 12×6 ft. But it warped too bad in the process and was cut up. now we’re starting again with different construction, but same dimensions. I’ll share pictures when it is finished.