Video: LAFD Rescues a Seagull from a Tree at Venice Beach

LAFD’s Eric Johnson of Ladder 63 rescued a seagull from a tree on the beach. The bird got caught in some fishing line and ended up suspended from a palm tree. The first video (from shows the bird get rescued and towards the end is an impromptu interview of the firefighter who made the rescue. Apparently this is not the first bird rescue for firefighter Johnson.

If you notice at one part in the video, when the firefighter makes it back to the ground, you can see how many people are recording the event by cell phone camera. Also noted in the video at that part is how many people want to offer their opinion of what to do with the bird.

The bird ended up taking flight. While that part wasn’t caught on film, the firefighters stated the bird flew off just fine and they did it incognito because if the bird couldn’t fly it might not have the best being caught on film.

The second video offers a differing view and starts a little bit earlier in the rescue.

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